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Hey Guys! If you want to know in short what is Dominican Republic Fishing is about. Then come and read! Also if you looking for a charter with a professional team for the nice price, then you are welcome. All about Fishing Punta Cana Adventure.

What type of Fish you can target during Dominican Republic Fishing?

First of All, it is Marlin Fishing in Punta Cana. And the type of fish – Marlin. All resort area just going crazy about that type of fish. Small monuments you can see even on the streets. Marlin in Punta Cana is the most famous type of species that you can reel out from the ocean. And of course, it is a hole Fishing Punta Cana Adventure when you reel out a Marlin. Here you can meet two types of marlins white and blue. You can target this species in different months of the year during fishing Dominican Republic. For more deep detail you can look in the calendar.




A species of fish of the family Radius. It lives in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean (This is where we are). It has a long elongated body and a large long nose. Marlin’s nasal bone is very and very strong. Using his nasal bone, Marlin hunts and defends himself against other predators. Adult Marlin individuals most often chew on a one-on-one basis; it is extremely rare to stray in flocks. It lives most often at a depth of up to 100 meters, but hunts in the upper layer of water. And trolling is a kind of deep-sea fishing when we drag bait along the top layer of water. Most often, females are three to four times larger than males. In the Dominican Republic Fishing Marlin is forbidden to kill. Because of this, when we take the marlin out of the water we take a photo and release it.


Blue Marlin as well as white belongs to the family of ray-finned and is one of the fastest fish on the planet. Distinguishes himself from white marlin with his color. In other habits, the two species of these fish are very similar.


Mahi Mahi DOMINICAN REPUBLIC FISHING-Best Punta Cana Excursions

Mahi Mahi DOMINICAN REPUBLIC FISHING-Best Punta Cana Excursions

Dominican Republic fishing is known for this kind of fish. Many fishermen even organize separate routes called Mahi Mahi fishing Punta Cana. I wrote about that type of fish several articles that you can find over here. Fish belong to the mackerel family breed by throwing eggs. Female and Male Mah-Mahi differ in the structure of their skull. This fish has a harmful character. Dwells most often in flocks of 8-9 individuals. Hunts in the upper layer of water. It lives in tropical and subtropical waters of oceans and seas. Reaches large sizes, some individuals can reach a size of up to 2 meters in length. Reeling out of the water such an opponent is always hard work and can turn into a real Fishing Punta Cana Adventure. The fishing method used by fishermen to capture Mahi Mahi is trolling fishing.

Wahoo DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  FISHING-Best Punta Cana Excursions

Wahoo is a species of fish that also belong to the mackerel family. Distributed in the tropical and subtropical waters of the oceans. They live near the Dominican Republic. It is possible to catch this fish near the shores of Punta Cana. You can catch this fish during fishing Dominican Republic. This fish is considered one of the fastest fish in the world. It accelerates to a speed of 65 miles per hour at the time of the attack. And it has a gray color and blue transverse stripes. 

The maximum size of which this fish reaches 1.8 meters. The meat of this fish is considered a delicacy, is eaten, has a white color and is saturated with a large number of nutrients. In water, this fish behaves aggressively, resists if hooked for a long time. Until the moment of full falling asleep, the fish is considered very dangerous because its fins become sharp like a razor and a deep cut is possible with any contact with human skin. When catching this fish, all fishermen try to kill the upper vertebra with this fish so that the fish falls asleep faster and does not pose a danger.

Yellowfin tuna - Best Fishing Excursions in Punta Cana.

It lives in tropical and subtropical waters of the ocean. It differs in its body structure, the older the individual, the more round the swollen body. Many call this fish a sea cow. An adult can reach up to 2 meters or more. The meat of this fish is considered to be delicatessen, it can be eaten raw. The fishing for this specimen is conducted off the coast of Japan.

Barracuda Dominican Republic Fishing - Best Fishing Excursions in Punta Cana.

Barracuda is one of the dangerous predatory fish of the Atlantic Ocean. It lives most often near reefs. At a young age, it is nailed to schools, adults live alone. It hunts smaller fish and also eats plankton. The only fish in the water area of ​​the Dominican Republic that has a bowl.

Royal Mackrel -Best Fishing Excursions in Punta Cana.

Royal Mackerel belongs to the mackerel family. This fish received its name Royal in the 14th century. In those days, it was believed that the meat of this fish has magical properties and is able to cure any disease. In this regard, the meat of this fish was very appreciated and was insanely expensive. It was believed that this food of the Kings and in connection with these got its name. The meat of this fish has a white color and tastes good. It is consumed both in finished and raw form.

Dominican Republic Fishing - Deep sea fishing Punta Cana. Tackle that we use.

I can’t say what gear other fishermen use. For fishing we use professional fishing rods and reels of such world-famous companies as Penn and Shimano. What we really like is that it is ease in use and most importantly the reliability of these gears. We also select different lures for different types of fish.

What is the Dominican republic fish?

What is Wahoo Fishing Charters?

What is the Dominican Republic Fishing?

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