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Free Gifts! Don't you love them?

I think everybody loves free bonuses. We offer you one of those. We are adding 30 minutes for each type of trip of the Santa Elena Boat. You will be able to spend this time on the natural swimming pools swimming and snorkeling, having a fun and memorable time. And yes it is for free! Just send us your e-mail and we will send you back a coupon.
Sent us a request to get your a coupon

What are you getting

By getting this coupon and using it you will get an extra activity for the trip that you purchase from us.

For example: if you purchase a fishing trip from us and using this coupon. You will get an opportunity to visit a beautiful quite lagoon after fishing, where you can swim and rest. And it’s for FREE! 🙂

Or if you purchase a boat tour “One Day in Paradise” you will get extra time for your trip.


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