Our boats are parking on the different sides of the island because of the fishing points and fishing technics that we are going to use during the fishing. Atlantic side of the island always was famous for its choppy ocean but at the same time for a monster fish catches like (Marlins or Muhi or others). While the Caribbean side is famous for its reach of reef fauna.



Deep-sea fishing in La Romana is jigging and bottom fishing. These two methods of fishing are more active than trolling just because the fisherman or fisherwoman is in process of hooking up the fish themselves. For these methods of fishing, we use special jigging and fly lures and of course life bait as well as professional reels for saltwater. Many anglers come here from all over the world to try their luck and to have a great day of fun and reel out their giant snapper.

Round trip transport
Professional English speaking Staff
Professional Gear
Refreshing drinks
Preparation the catch on the grill
Beach clothing
Bathing suit
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