Deep sea Fishing Punta Cana & La romana

Deep Sea FISHING PUNTA CANA & LA ROMANA, one of the most popular activities. This is not surprising, because Punta Cana is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean is rich in fish species like Blue and White Marlin, Wahoo, Mahi, Kingfish, and others. 

From the Caribbean side of the island, we do bottom and jigging deep sea fishing. It’s absolutely different technics but not less interesting and exciting. There we target such species as amberjack, grouper, snapper and many other.

Deep sea Private Fishing Charters in la romana

Pirates fishing Private Charters

4 hours trips

UP to 20 people

An unforgettable adventure to the island Catholina, where near the big reef we will be targeting such species as grouper, snapper, butterflyfish, amberjack, and others. The method of deep-sea fishing that we use is bottom fishing and jigging. Professional equipment, the knowledgeable multilanguage-speaking crew will be all the time nearby to help you out to reel your trophy. Ideal solution for the big mixed groups/ families. On the boat ladies will find beautiful sunbathing couches, children will be entertained by the pirate crew.

Pirates fishing Private Charters with preparation the catch

6/8 hours trips

UP to 20 people

One of the main factors which are important for many – is tasting what you caught! And especially if that type o fish is the first time catch. On the board of our pirate ship, you will have an option like that. 6 and 8 hours charters are ideal for the whole day boat spending. And the sea jigging and bottom fishing will be keeping you busy all the time during the trip.

Your Dream FISHING is Here

Deep sea Private Fishing Charters in Punta Cana

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Big Game Private Charters

4/6/8 hours trips

Big game charter are for the avid experienced anglers wanting the chance to catch that trophy fish! These charters start at a minimum of 4 hours and can go for as long as 10 hours. Fishing 4 to 6  rods at a time depending on exact technique. Using artificial and live bait as well as different trolling lures. We can target yellow fin tuna, wahoo, mahi mahi, blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, and swordfish. Departure time depends on what species we are targeting.


“Catch Grill & Eat”

4/6/8 hours trips

An unforgettable adventure that we suggest you make with Santa Elena Fishing Charters. What could be more interesting,  extreme and exciting than deep sea trolling, where everyone has a chance to reel in a trophy. The waters of the coast of Punta Cana are rich in such species of fish as Golden Dorado, Barracuda, Wahoo, Royal Mackerel, Yellowfin tuna, White and Blue Marlin and their brother Sailfish. After the trophy is on board, the captain will take you to a quiet lagoon with crystal clear water, where you can swim and relax while the first mate cleans and cooks your catch on the grill.

Family Fishing with kids

4/6/8 hours trips

“Deep-sea Fishing for the whole family” – our new service that we offer. An unforgettable adventure that we offer you to make with Santa Elena Fishing Charters. Nothing could be better than to experience the perfect getaway with the entire family on the Atlantic Ocean. Contact us so we can select the best weather conditions, where you and your entire family will spend a day of fishing. We also offer childcare while you catch your dream fish.


Deep sea Fishing Punta Cana
& la romana

The Best Experience Ever

Deep Sea FISHING  is exciting and surprising. Each day it’s new like a new story or a new chance to get a trophy. It’s really hard to describe in words the fullness of emotions that you get when you are fighting with a huge fish and by the end reeling it out of the water. The excitement and pleasure of a fight with a worthy opponent (fish) always leave an indelible and amazing impression of victory. So if you have never tried it and you want to try, don’t hesitate and book your first deep sea fishing charter with us. We will teach you how to reel out your first trophy properly.

What people say about us

What a great experience. I've been deep sea fishing for many years. This was not the most productive, but definitely the best one I've been on. We had rough seas and rare Punta Cana bad weather, but Elena and her crew fought hard and managed to give our wives their first ever deep sea catch. I can't imagine using anyone else. Most captains would have given up. THAN YOU!!
Sandy Downs
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shared groups

If you want to try deep-sea fishing in Punta Cana, but the price for the private charter is too hight, you can visit our shared charters. The route of our deep sea fishing shared charters: Group is gong for 2.5 hours for deep-sea fishing in the ocean and after for 1.5 hours captain will take you to the quiet lagoon where you will have an opportunity to swim and snorkeling while the captain prepares the catch for you on the grill. After that, you will be back on the coast. Total time on the boat for 4 hours. The price will depend on how many people in the group.
4 people-120$
6 people- 100$

During the participation in the shared charter, the first mate can not interrupt the tour on a single request of the tourist. To change the route or interrupt the route first mate need the consent of all participants in the tour.

In our shared charter people who speak different languages can take part.

Shared charters are fishing charters in which 4 to 6 fishermen take part, usually not familiar to each other.

Fishing takes place on the route “caught, roasted and eaten”, in other words, it is interesting for fishermen and even families with children. We still recommend families with children under 6 years of age to consider buying a charter.


Of course, a private charter is much more convenient, comfortable and better for the reason that you are in charge of the boat and we are guided only by your wishes. To clarify, the price for a personal charter  is very different from a billet to a group

Punta Cana Fishing Charters is one of the coolest activities that you can find on that Island. And yes it is worth to try and to visit! I would advise you not to listen to anyone and just give your self a chance to try it out and make your own opinion about Punta Cana Fishing Charters.

Here is an
instruction on how to do it 7 easy steps

Do a search in
Google search.

Browse all the
companies you are interested in.

Look at their
social networks.

Read reviews
about them on Google Map and Tripadvisor

Contact them. Ask
any question and see how quickly and professionally they will answer you.

That question always make me smile. NO, you can not get a guarantee of getting fish during PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA FISHING. I will tell you, even more, no one fishing charter in Punta Cana will give you a guarantee of getting fish during PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA FISHING.

During trolling in Punta Cana, only one negative thing can appear and it is seasickness. To avoid this negative sickness we always recommend to take pills from it, 40 minutes before your Fishing in Punta Cana.

You can attend PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA FISHING with the childer who are older than 2 years. I will tell you more many times children are feeling themselves during PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA FISHING much better than the parents who did not drink pills from seasickness.

PUNTA CANA FISHING is like a casino you can win or you can loose and it is very difficult to predict. Surely it does matter how professional the team is working during PUNTA CANA FISHING trip, but most of the time what is more important if the fish are hungry and if it wants to bite. Fishing biting can depend on so many different factors from the stage of the moon to the temperature of the water on that exact day. So for me, PUNTA CANA FISHING is like a detector how lucky our client is because we are working the same each day and in each trip but the clients are always different.

First importance to do before PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA FISHING – avoid drinking too much alcohol. You will feel terrible after the night of partying and lots of alcohol during PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA FISHING.
Second importance to do before PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA FISHING – don’t eat full-fat breakfast. Much better if you will eat something lite like fruits before PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA FISHING.
Third importance to do before PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA FISHING – always drink pills from seasickness 40 minute before PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA FISHING

PUNTA CANA CHARTER is a service that we or other companies present you. And as many people as many desires some people just going crazy about how cool PUNTA CANA CHARTER are. Some from other hand trying and understanding that PUNTA CANA CHARTER just not for them. But in any case, as I already said PUNTA CANA CHARTER is service and if you used it then you are not able to get you money back.

Yes sure we can do that during PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA FISHING, but you have to remember that from the Carribean side of the island the PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA FISHING is not as good as fro the Atlantic ocean part. Also, I would recommend to everyone if you want to do PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA FISHING do it from the side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Yes, sure we can do FISHING CHARTERS IN PUNTA CANA including a stop for snorkeling. And if you are thinking to purchase a  CHARTERS IN PUNTA CANA from some other company, not us, just ask them if they can do an extra stop for snorkeling for you and if they have masks on board.

Yes, deep sea fishing in Punta Cana always good and we always have a season. In each month of the year, you can target different species according to the fishing calendar and what is more important than the fish that you will be targeting always has a good big size.

We have some rules and a list of things what is forbidden to do during P. CANA DEEP SEA FISHING. The list is not big but very important to know it. For example, we can call police during PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA FISHING if our clients start to use drugs or trying to damage our boat equipment or what is worse people on the boat. It’s very important to use human senses and remember about security during PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA FISHING.

Deep sea fishing in Punta Cana is not dangerous. But you always have to remember about seasickness and to drink medicine before for not to spoil your getaway.

Going on the fishing trip in Punta Cana you should take sun hat, sun lotion protection, sunglasses, towel, swimming suit and of course a good mood.

Fishing in Punta Cana is usually expensive because mostly it is deep sea fishing and for that type of fishing you have to use a boat ( usually a big size) and well-trained staff and all that cost money.

You can target several species of Punta Cana fish during your fishing such as Tuna, Wahoo, Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, Barracuda and Mackerel.

Hey everyone. Today I would like to give you one tip that you have to remember when you are planing your CHARTER PUNTA CANA. First of all, it is pills from seasickness. I know that many people say that they not work, sometimes yes BUT mostly they DO WORK. And I advise each and everyone to take them just in case, so your  CHARTER PUNTA CANA will tern in the perfect getaway and not in a huge disappointment because of the seasickness.

If the weather is not good then we are just residual you fishing trip for another date that will be good for you. And if all the dates are busy already then we will recommend another company ( our friends) who will do a good fishing trip for you.

Well hard question, but I think it is because of national habit. As I notice Americans, Swedish, Canadians, Australians, and Russians – that nations have fishing as a part of their culture but still Americans more rare feel seasickness than others. Why? hard to answer maybe they just strong:)

Punta Cana fishing charters are a personal rental of a boat and a crew. During that rental, only you and your family or friends are present on the boat. During that charters, the fisherman who is usually the first mate, doing fishing and a client reeling fish from the water.

The average price for Punta Cana fishing Charters can be from 350$ up to 2000$ and even more. All depends on the type of the boat, tourist season ( yes we have high and low tourist seasons) and the length of the trip.

The cost of deep-sea fishing depends on:

Where you buy it. Everyone knows that such sites as WannaBoat of FishingBooking and others. They are Internet tour operators that take an advance payment (10-25%), which is their profit. Accordingly, it is this percentage that you overpay.

From the company of the provider where you book up your fishing. If for example, the company’s provider has 1-2 boats, then the price for their services will often be lower, in the companies with numerous amounts of boats. Everything is explained by the fact that more small companies are trying to please customers and provide good service rather than large ones. They have a large flow of customers and the quality of their service goes to the background.

From seasonal discounts. Dear visitors of our site, perhaps our future customers. Please take a look at our DISCOUNT page. There you will find hot limited offers. Take advantage of them and get a good discount for fishing. Similar messages you can see on the many sites of providers of deep-sea fishing in Punta Cana. Read them and do not be afraid to order. Remember, for each provider, small or large. Main thing that you come to them for fishing and enjoy it. Since each of us hopes that you will return again.

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