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Hello guys. This page of our site is created especially for FISHING stories PUNTA CANA. In our historical, dramatically, funny and of life stories about FISHING in PUNTA CANA, we will tell you about all the most interesting about the fish that are found in the waters of the Dominican Republic (Atlantic Ocean, Mona Strait). 

What this page about?

For example, what is the method of fishing is trolling? We will share with you interesting and cognitive facts about the Island where we are located! Let’s start from the beginning and look at the geo-position of the place of our location, the place is known as Punta Cana. So, let’s start!

Punta Cana Resort Area

If we’ll take a look at the Dominican Republic, we will see that there are several resort areas. All of  them are located on the different parts of this Paradise Islands. We are located in the North of the Island, in a place – Punta Cana. Tourist resort on the coast of the island from the side of the Atlantic Ocean. On this part of the Island you will find clean and beautiful beaches with emerald water. 

Guess where the best hotels in the Dominican Republic?

The most popular hotels in the world are located in the first coastline. According to the latest data, the coastline (40 kilometers of the beach) has been increased by building up new hotels. I am not surprised, because tourists come to the Dominican Republic to enjoy a paradise holiday.

A little dive in the history of the place.

Punta Cana was known as Punta Borrahon (Drunk Point) back into ages. It was in 1970, Frank Reynieri, president of several large holding companies, bought several kilometers of coastline and began to build the first tourist center on this side of the island. 

Punta Cana

The name of his new project was Punta Cana. It is a needle to mention that all this place was consist of fishermen villages. After all, FISHING in PUNTA CANA has always been popular and has long been considered one of the favorite activities of the local population, and now pretty much everyone as well as the visiting guests of this paradise.


FISHING Punta Cana is one of the most popular types of recreation. Currently, on the coast of this resort, there are about 50 companies. Agree this is more than enough. Most of these companies use the trolling method for deep-sea FISHING PUNTA CANA. There are also companies that are organizing bottom fishing in the pre-reef zone.

What type of fishing is good for BIG Fish?

 The method of trolling the most common in that area and most comfortable type of fishing to drag out of the water big fish. Such species of fish that are real hunters which reach a huge size (up to 2 meters). To catch and reel out this feature out of the water can only be one way. Can you guess? Yes, it is by using the method of deep-sea fishing which is called trolling.

Trolling deep-sea FISHING 

Deep-sea trolling method appeared with the invention of motorboats. After all, this method of fishing requires a motorized vessel. The essence of this method of fishing is the drawing of bait in the upper layer of water behind the motorboat. Of course, for this type of fishing you need not only a motorized boat, but also various other devices such as outriggers, professional large fishing rods and reels capable of pulling out up to 150 Libras, a fisherman’s chair, and special belt supports.

What types of trolling you knows?

Of course, trolling can be divided minimum into two categories: trolling in freshwater and trolling in saltwater as well as inshore and offshore. The method of fishing itself is not much different from each other, but the equipment surely you will need different.


 Naturally, Marlin, which lives in the waters of the ocean, needs completely different equipment to be pulled out of the water, rather than pike, which lives in freshwater bodies of water. Fishermen very rarely use equipment such as outriggers for trolling in freshwater. Outriggers mostly used in the saltwater fishing. It is a special metal device that is attached to the sides of the boat (on average, these devices are from 7 to 12 meters long). Fisherman need this  devices  to stretch the fishing line and, accordingly, to increase the radius of the fishing.


 If in freshwater trolling, fisherman very rare use this device is not often used. Opposite is deep-sea  FISHING in PUNTA CANA, these devices are on the boat of each fisherman. Without them, of course, you can also go out into the ocean and you can even drag a good trophy. But with these devices, the ability to take the trophy increases.


Upper  I told you about wonderful place Punta Cana, as well as about fishing and why it is so popular here (or there, depending on your location). Also i shortly explain why there are so many fishing boats and fishermen in Punta Cana area. Now I want to touch on more topic. To be exact, the topic is- how trolling appeared in the Dominican Republic. After all, trolling fishing impossible to do without motorboat and motors were invented only at the beginning of the 19th century.

So, let’s dive into the history.

William Maybach invented a motor for the first time in human history, which was suitable not only for land transport but also for water transport and even for air transport. His first invention was in 1902, and later in 1905, he released a more advanced version of the first engine, suitable for water boats. But of course, in Punta Cana, powerboats appeared much later, like the name Punta Cana itself.

When did trolling FISHING appear in PUNTA CANA?

Of course, after the development of this land. The well-known group of Punta Cana, namely in the early 1980s brought over here all new interesting stuff. At this time the first fishing motorboats began to appear.The people of the Dominican Republic began to learn about fishing by the method of trolling. In the Dominican Republic, this type of fishing was brought from the United States of America. The method of trolling was invented at the beginning of the last century.

Who used trolling method of fishing for the first time? 

Until now, sources give different information about who and where used this type of fishing for the first time. Some argue that for the first time the trolling method was used in Japan, then it was mentioned in the description of books in England. According to some information, from England  it was brought to the United States of America in the last century. And in the USA that method of fishing became the most popular.

Deep-sea FISHING  or Fly-Fishing 

Well, about the deep-sea fishing of Punta Cana, we already talked, more detailed and in-depth information can be found in our articles. Now let’s take a look at the bottom or inshore fishing on spinning on not deep water near the reefs or the coast. In other words, this type of fishing is also known as fly fishing.

Difference between the inshore and offshore FISHING 

Unlike deep-sea fishing in Punta Cana, fly fishing is not as popular. Only a few companies that present on our coast do this type of service/ fishing. Hard to explain why. I like fly-fishing much more. In my opinion, this type of fishing is more dynamic than trolling style fishing. Yes, of course, the maximum trophy is a barracuda. All other fish are smaller. But then, you are in control of  the process, cut it yourself, throw it yourself. In deep-sea trolling fishing against, everything is doing the first mate. The task of the fisherman, reel the trophy from the water.

How is the fly fishing in Punta Cana usually goes?

On the Way

Usually for fly fishing captain use boats of smaller sizes than for deep-sea fishing, most often with hanging motors.
Small groups of fishermen ‘armed’ with spinning and various (much more varieties than in deep-sea fishing by trolling) lure go in search of fish in the reef zone.
Most often, on the way to the place of fishing itself, fishermen release a fishing line with a lure which called “front sight” and makes fishing by trolling method. As I have already said, you will not take a trophy here, but the small fish can be twisted.

On the Place

Ones you are into place, the captain usually throws anchor and the fun began !!! If you are using the correct bait, you will be pulling out fish one by one. But do not forget that there are days when the fish becomes less active. And no one is to blame. Such factors as without a cloudy night with a full moon on the eve of fishing, sharp jumps in atmospheric pressure and see more here.
But as a rule, this type of FISHING PUNTA CANA is very dynamic. The catch is usually good. And most importantly – it is a fun process

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