an unforgettable experience

Welcome to PUNTA CANA EXCURSIONS, dear fellows! We glad to see you on our Relax page! Why Relax you would ask? Snorkeling and swimming are sporty types of recreation. Yes, of course, and sure. But still, it’s not so spicy as deep-sea fishing! It is another cool type of relaxation and spending an unforgettable day in Punta Cana Paradise.

Feel the taste of Paradise

If deep-sea fishing is too spicy for you, in contrast, we offer you the coolest and most relaxing route of all. One day in Paradise, will include a relaxing trip down to a beautiful lagoon where it is usually few people. Our route will lie along the magnificent coast of the most famous resort of Punta Cana. A stop at the lagoon with crystal clears emerald waters.

 During this route everyone will find something to do to their liking. Lovers of outdoor activities will be able to do snorkeling and lovers of beautiful cool photos can take part in a free photo session.