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Fishing in punta cana.

Dear visitors welcome to PUNTA CANA FISHING! Santa Elena Fishing Charters team are glad to see you on our website! Professional anglers, those who just like to try themselves in fishing and who just want to chill on the boat, we glad to see you all. We would like to offer your attention to several deep-sea fishing trips as well as a party boat and snorkeling tours. Our company has been operating in the Dominican Republic, area Punta Cana        since 2016.                                                            

Punta Cana Fishing Charter – Fishing in Paradise

As many professional anglers, as well as beginner fisherman, may know the Dominican Republic is just perfect place for deep sea fishing. In crystal clear blue waters of Atlantic Ocean such species as Blue and White Marlin, Wahoo, Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi and many, many more, just waiting for you. The Dominican Republic is absolutely having to be a Fishing Paradise for all anglers.


PUNTA CANA FISHING CHARTERS is much more than just a fishing charter, it is a whole adventure story, an unforgettable experience that you will remember for many years. After taking a fishing trip with Santa Elena Charters you will have not only a catch, which you dreamed about but also vivid memories with cool bright photos. We love to take memorable pictures of our clients with their trophy’s. You can look up our photo library over here.


SANTA ELENA Charters Punta Cana- Boats that we use

SANTA ELENA Boat -41' long

For fishing trips as well as for the party boat trips we use our boat, Santa Elena. It is a 41-foot long. The boat made by Mainship company in the USA. We keep our boat clean and well maintained. With perfect equipment for deep-sea fishing trips such as professional fishing rods, reels, and tackle. The maximum capacity for the fishing trip will be 7 people. For party boat trips we take up to 10 people.

As a result, the boat is in excellent condition and has all the nice amenities for your perfect getaway.


Anastasia Pontoon Boat

Anastasia Pontoon Boat is the perfect solution for a wonderful comfortable light rest on the water. Pontoon boat is equipped with a grill and a slide for diving into the water. The capacity of the pontoon boats up to 8 people. It is a perfect solution for celebrating events and parties, as well as it is perfectly fit for the Carribean getaway for families with young children.

Party Boat Punta Cana

In addition to fishing, you can choose boat trip Punta Cana-it is a route of full Relax. These boat trip Punta Cana is ideally suited for small companies (up to 10 people) as well as for families. We tried to include in our route the maximum amount of entertainment. On our boat we have prepared for you flippers and masks for snorkeling as well as beautiful inflatable mattresses for swimming and sunbathing. Moreover, we have provided the preparation for a hot lunch on the grill. We also give you a free bonus – beautiful photos that we will make for you. To find out more information about the boat trip Punta Cana of full Relax, follow the link.

our main goal is

Main goal for us is to provide the best services, at the most affordable price for each of our clients. Due to that, we always have hot offers and seasonal sales. Fishing in Punta Cana with Santa Elena Charters will defiantly turn to be a spectacular fishing adventure that will bring you not only a good catch but also a great memory for years to come.

PUNTA CANA Fishing charters- Our Team

The captain and the first mate take their work very seriously. Their main goal is to make all of Fishing Charter in Punta Cana successful. The captain is one of the local guys who grew up on his father’s boat. Sure he knows the local waters of the Atlantic Ocean very well. Also, he knows all the secret places of the greatest concentrations of fish. He can navigate through hunting birds and determine by the wind where it is better to fish. The captain will never rest until you pull out your trophy.


 The first mate speaks several languages and every time he does his best so that our guests receive the best service and are satisfied with every fishing trip. If you are not a professional fisherman and this is your first or second experience of deep-sea fishing, the first mate will explain to you how to use fishing rods and how properly pull fish out of the water. He will tell you all about the fish that inhabit the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and about the correct technique of trolling deep-sea fishing. His main goal is to turn your fishing trip into an unforgettable adventure about which you will have bright and good memories.


Deep sea fishing Punta Cana


Fishing for Marlin is the “dream fishing” of every angler. Many professional fishermen fly to the Dominican Republic specifically to take part in deep sea fishing on Marlin. As everyone knows, the waters of the Atlantic are rich in these beautiful, dangerous, and fastest fish in the world. To pull a marlin out of the water is every time a battle between a fisherman and a fish. 

family deep sea feeshing


 For family fishing, we choose the weather conditions and recommend the day when the ocean is the calmest. We also look after children while their parents are fishing. Collecting feedback and value our reputation very much. You can read reviews about our work here or find us on Google Map, TripAdvisor, and other social groups. To find out more information about the fishing routes, follow the link


It is also a real adventure, adrenaline, and unforgettable emotions. When you will reel out Marlin out of the water, you’ll remember your fishing in the Dominican Republic for a very long time and maybe come back to repeat this unforgettable experience.

                                   BEST DAY OF RELAXING BOAT TRIP PUNTA CANA

We offer you attention to two types of perfect spent of the day. What vacay on Island can be without the trip on the boat? We offer your attention to two different routes which we are doing on different boats. One of the routs includes a special stop for snarling. Also, both routs contain many extra options by request.

A little bit more about PARTY BOAT TRIP


One of the best Punta Cana Excursions is Punta Cana Snorkeling. We do it in a special rife zone where you can see all the beauty of the underwater life. Of course this type of excursion many providers do, due to that we would like to share with you several tips that can help you to choose just the perfect route for your perfect getaway.

Kids in Paradise

excursions from punta cana

Boat trip for kids and parents is a route that we created for families with small kids. We will take you in the beautiful quiet lagoon with crystal clear water. You will be able to swim and rest over there while we will be playing and taking care of your kids. We have special water matrasses which are just perfect for the kids to play and swim. 



On our website you will also find articles, hacks and tips about fishing. In all our posts we share experience, talk about our victories and defeats. If you go to our channel on YouTube, you will see our video reports. You can find photos of all our routes in two albums “Fishing” and “One Day in Paradise”, we place more pictures in our social networks. Our job is to make your holiday unforgettable! Main rewards for us is our customers’ happy smiles!


Because our main goal is satisfied and satisfied customers. To achieve our goal, we invented several Punta Cana excursions such as deep-sea fishing, family fishing, relaxing and snorkeling trips . And most importantly, we give our customers the opportunity to change foe example the fishing route already in the process. Moreover, we treat each of our clients as a good friend, inform in advance about the weather conditions and warn you what to expect and how to prepare for fishing.




Anastasia Pontoon Boat


for Santa Elena Boat

It is always a pleasure to receive gifts and bonuses. Santa Elena Fishing Charters – your Carribean friend are we are glad to give you a coupon for free extra time for your excursion.


For calculating biting forecasts, we use data from the lunar calendar and the wind calender. To find out what level of biting will be in the date of your fishing, please fill out the form on the left and push the button send. We will e-mail biting prognosis personally for you.


Fishing in the Dominican republic probably one of the most popular excursions in Punta Cana. Of course, here you can find different types of fishing and it can be done in a minimum three different ways. Firstly it can be trolling deep-sea in Punta Cana. Secondly, it can be Dominican republic fly  and thirdly it can be bottom deep sea. We will take a more close look at each one. But I can assure you that this activity in the Dominican Republic is the most exciting and cool type of recreation. So is you ever will come down here or you already here and just thinking, try it.

Private  charter Punta Cana is a rental of the fishing boat for one family or group of people who knows each other. A private charter is an ideal decision to do deep-sea in Punta Cana although it is more expensive than  in the shared group. But it is more comfortable, and when you are on vacay the comfortability is standing in the first place, don’t you agree with me?

Yes, you can order special BIG MARLIN CHARTERS PUNTA CANA and go-to target you dream fish. I will tell you, even more, BIG MARLIN CHARTERS PUNTA CANA they are different from the PUNTA CANA FISHING because of the cruise speed of the boat. During BIG MARLIN CHARTERS PUNTA CANA the boat has to go a bit faster than during normal Punta Cana Fishing Trip.

Punta Cana  charters and Cap Cana  charters are pretty much the same locations of the ports where the boats that are doing charters are located. These ports are located one next to other.

Well as for me if you are going on vacay you should experience some adventures in Punta Cana. And surely best excursions in Punta Cana are snorkeling tours in Punta Cana, fishing excursions in Punta Cana, party boat Punta Cana. We, for example, offer our clients to experience snorkeling tours in Punta Cana as a part of the excursion party boat Punta Cana. But some companies offer it as a separate snorkeling tour in Punta Cana. For more details about snorkeling tours in Punta Cana Click here. As for me trolling excursion in Punta Cana even more adventure than snorkeling tours in Punta Cana. Trolling is full of drive and adrenaline and unforgettable emotions.

While you are doing CHARTERS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC you will not be able to swim because the boat will be going in the open ocean and the underwater flow is very very fast so it does not save even to try. I don’t think that any captain will let you do that during your Trolling CHARTERS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Because Captain is the first person on board who is responsible for you during the whole Punta Cana fishing trip.

During PUNTA   CHARTERS we use such gear as Penn and Shimano  reels and  rods. Also with alive bait, we use different lures. Lures we choose already in the process of PUNTA CHARTERS when we see what type of fish is more active at that particular day.

Yes, sure we do have. To operate in the industry of DEEP SEA FISHING DOMINICAN REPUBLIC you have to have a license to work with tourists, although some of the companies who are doing DEEP SEA TROLLING DOMINICAN REPUBLIC don’t have it. If that fact is important for you and it should be, then before booking DEEP SEA  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC you should find out if the company with whom you want to go has it or not.

If during CHARTER will rain then we will give you special coat-protection from the rain that we have on the boat. I think that other companies during CHARTERs also do that in case of rain.

If you caught fish during  Charters fishing Punta Cana Dominican Republic and want to release it. Sure you can do that. But usually, if the fish caught during  DEEP SEA EXCURSION it is been kept. Often captain and mate keep it if the client doesn’t want it.

It is nice in each month of the year and April for Deep sea fishing in Punta Cana Dominican Republic is no an exception. In April during trip you can target Wahoo, Markel, Mahi, Tuna, Barracuda and possibly white Marlin.

Well yes, Trolling IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC is still good in July. During trips IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, you can target the same fish than in July but just not in such amount. I would say that I notice that in that month during Trip IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC the bites are not so active. Well I think it’s just because it’s getting to hut over here and the water is getting to its upper degree and the fish is just going deeper.

As for me, August is the most complicated month for PUNTA CANA Trolling. And again I think it is because of the temperature of the air and water. Usually, during PUNTA CANA trips in that month, you can target good size trophies but the bites just not too active. Due to that reason, I like and not really that month for PUNTA CANA Trips.

Did I ever mention that autumn is especially good for Atlantic  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC trip? Again I can explain it by weather conditions. In October during the trips DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, everything is just perfect lots of bites and the size of the fish usually is very nice. So yes and yes, I recommend that month for Trolling Trips DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

O Yes, DEEP SEA trips is just great at that month. I would say even more PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA trips is pretty much always successful at that moth. You can target all types of fish during PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA  and the bites are often. So I advise everybody to try DEEP SEA  in September.

During WAHOO FISHING you have to remember that Wahoo one of the fastest and strongest fish in the Atlantic Ocean. That’ why when you have a Wahoo bite during trip be ready to have a long buttle with that fish.

Neither, we are not able to give a guarantee that during Deep sea fishing charters in punta cana trips you will have a catch. You have to understand that the success of DOMINICAN REPUBLIC FISHING is not depending fully on the team and tackle that we use, but also on the weather and ocean conditions as well as air presser. To predict all those factors even 2 or 3 days before DOMINICAN REPUBLIC trip is impossible. That is why DOMINICAN REPUBLIC trolling every time like a new story that we are trying to make successful each time.

Sure we can start our F.trip IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC with the sunrise. We will be picking you up for the trip IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC from the hotel around 5:00 am. F. trip IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC will be starting at 5:40 am.

If you have an only credit card and want to go DEEP SEA TROLLING TRIP  it is not a problem at all. If the company where you want to purchase DEEP SEA TRIP ask you to pay them in cash, you can do it easily. On the drive to the place where your DEEP SEA  trip will be just ask the driver to make a stop near the local bank. In pretty much every bank you will be able to withdraw the amount that you need for DEEP SEA trip.

Hey, I would like to list some  websites just for information about deep-sea fishing.

Well yes, if you are lucky enough. I will be honest and tell you the truth that it is rare when we are getting blue Mahi during Deep sea Punta Cana. Usually, they are white or green but sometimes they can be blue. When I am reeling a blue Mahi during Deep sea trips I usually make a wish.

Deep sea fishing in Punta Cana is fishing in the open ocean far away from the coastline. Mostly for deep sea fishing Fishermen use the method of trolling.

Fishing in Punta Cana can be different, it can be deep sea fishing, fly fishing, bottom fishing, trolling fishing.

Punta Cana fishing charters you can find throw the internet or throw representatives of the company with which you are traveling.

Well, it depends on what is the fish of your dreams. If you are here for Marlin then it is Aprill, Sailfish in wintertime, Mahi all year round but the most in autumn. So Punta Cana deep-sea fishing seasons you can look up in every fishing calendar of the company’s Punta Cana area.

As for me, deep sea fishing Cap Cana is a luxury boat fishing. The most beautiful new and big size boat parking over there. And the prices alike the boats – “big size”:)

It is good in every month of the year. If you are dreaming about Sailfish, then the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC in January is just perfect for you. Only during the wintertime and especially in January this type of fish is giving a good level of bites during Trolling DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.

Deep sea fishing punta cana REVIEWS is our main goal and we always ask each of our clients to leave them. About 90% who are promising that they will do PUNTA CANA FISHING REVIEWS after they will get home are not keeping their promise. And only 10% of our client or even less writing PUNTA CANA FISHING REVIEWS for us. And we are very grateful for that!

During trip our guide who speaks English Spanish Russian can accompany you for your comfortability. Although trolling trip is not a type of the excursion where you will get a lection about the culture of the country. It is more comfortable to have a person who will explain to you during trolling PUNTA CANA how to use all the fishing gears, in case if you are a beginner fisherman.

Yes during DEEP SEA trips PUNTA CANA we are going in the open ocean and it is deep over there. Only were is deep we can target good species of fish during DEEP SEA trips PUNTA CANA.

Of course, if you thinking about fishing in Punta Cana you will first find out what species you will be targeting. Atlantic ocean is a great spot for doing deep-sea fishing. Blue and White Marling, yellowfin tuna, Mahi-Mahi and Kingfish, Wahoo and Sailfish and others. The underwater world is reached here due to that fishing in Punta Cana is always exciting and unforgettable.

Deep-sea trips Punta Cana it is offshore fishing or in other words, trips in the open ocean water. Also deep-sea fishing is the most popular type of fishing in Punta Cana. In order to catch such fish species like Marlin or Mahi-Mahi, you can go deep-sea fishing in Punta Cana.

Charters near me it is probably the most popular keywords for looking for something that you are interested in. In our case, it is charters. According to Google, it is a very comfortable option no matter where you are staying you can just type  Charters near me and ready! You got all or pretty much all fishing charters and now you have from what to choose!!!

Deep sea trolling Dominican Republic is surely different from the different sides of the island. The fish species, of course, the same, but the accumulation of the fish is different. For example, if you will take sea fishing charters in the Caribbean coast, your deep sea trip Dominican Republic probably would be different then you would take Punta Cana trip charters. The accumulation of the fish on the coast of Punta Cana is much higher than on the Caribean coast.

If we will take a look at sport fishing Dominican Republic then we surely will look at the Punta Cana deep sea fishing by the method of trolling. Only that method of deep sea fishing in Punta Cana can be good for the sport fishing Dominican Republic. Also only using trolling deep sea fishing you can target such species as huge marlin or sailfish during sport fishing Dominican Republic.

After CHARTER PUNTA CANA you surely have an option to take your catch with you or leave it at the boat. If you will take it with you you will have a possibility to find a place where someone will cook it for you. Also, during our  CHARTER PUNTA CANA we offer our clients an option of preparing their catch on the grill right on the boat.

Before FISHING CHARTER PUNTA CANA I would recommend to everyone to have a light breakfast. If you will have heavy fat breakfast before  CHARTER it is likely that you will feel seasickness during fishing in Punta Cana. Also to avoid seasickness during  CHARTER PUNTA CANA I also recommend drinking pills Dramamine.

During DEEP SEA trolling I would recommend you to wear a light shirt with a long sleeve and sun-protected hats. Also, I would advise you to wear slippers on the boat because it’s easy to take them off and during DEEP SEA FISHING PUNTA CANA we are usually barefoot on the boat. Often all the boat companies ask their clients to stay barefoot on the boat during DEEP SEA trolling IN PUNTA CANA, so you should be ready to take your shoes off.

If you reserved a special day for PUNTA CANA FISHING TRIPS and you want to change it, sure you can do that. You need to get in contact with a company whos going to do FISHING TRIPS for you and explain them your situation. If the new desirable date for FISHING TRIPS will be not available you always can reserve a FISHING TRIPS in other company.

All our  FISHING REPORT we usually publish in our social media groups. Some of our PUNTA CANA FISHING REPORT is published here on our website in the page of Fishing Stories and some of  FISHING REPORT are published in partner websites like fishbooker and others where you can order a fishing trip with us also but for the higher price.

If you will get scared during PUNTA CANA FISHING then we will help you and calm you down. I have seen several times when people getting sacres during FISHING and we studied that topic and what to do in that situation. The human body has several points where you can press and the feeling of scariness will pass. When we see during PUNTA CANA FISHING that someone is getting scared we usually using this technic and everything is going well.

Well, February is always a busy time for DOMINICAN REPUBLIC FISHING but I don’t like this mess too much because of the winds and weather conditions. But DOMINICAN REPUBLIC FISHING is usually good for fish during February. Not so much Mahi Mahi as I like but you know Wahoo is also nice. As I already sead DOMINICAN REPUBLIC FISHING is good in each mess of the year.

DEEP SEA FISHING is just excellent in March at the list for me. I am saying that due to one reason that in the March the temperature of the water comes to its normal degree and Mahi- Mahi returning to the spots that are closer to the cost. For me DEEP SEA FISHING without Mahi- Mahi is not a DEEP SEA FISHING PUNTA CANA. Sure all other species are good too but Mahi is my favorite. At that month during DEEP SEA FISHING PUNTA CANA you can target Wahoo, Markel, Mahi, Tuna, Barracuda and possibly still Sailfish.

Sure DOMINICAN REPUBLIC FISHING is good in June. The temperature of the water is just perfect for tropical and subtropical types of fish. In that month during DOMINICAN REPUBLIC FISHING you can target pretty much every fish except Sailfish. So the first month of the summer is really really good for DOMINICAN REPUBLIC FISHING
During PUNTA CANA FISHING – Wahoo Fishing is a special type of deep sea fishing in Punta Cana, because of the boat speed. Usually, the boat goes a little bit faster during PUNTA CANA FISHING if the captain targeting Wahoo.

Yes sure after  DEEP SEA FISHING you can keep your catch. Even more, after PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA FISHING is over Captain will clean up the fish for you. Also if you desired to taste your catch I would recommend you to make a stop after PUNTA CANA DEEP SEA FISHING and let Captain cook it for you on the grill.

All depending on how old your kids are. If they are older then 3 years old then we allow them to attend FISHING CHARTER. Anyway, we always kindly ask to tell us before FISHING CHARTER about the age of the children so we can look up and recommend you the most comfortable weather for FISHING CHARTER. So you and Kids will fill them selfs perfectly fine during FISHING.

If you are dreaming about big nice trophies that you have seen only on the pictures then you surely have to try fishing in Dominican Republic. I am saying that because the water area over here is to reach for species like mahi-mahi, Marlins, Tuna, Wahoo, and others. And the size of all that fish is usually between medium and big. And if I say big it means around 1.5 or 2 meters long, so they are truly big.

Punta Cana fishing is excellent at any time of the year because the Dominican Republic is part of the island of Espanol and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Punta Cana is located at the Mona Canal, which connects the ocean and the sea. Most of the concentration of fish is there. This water area is rich in species such as mahi-mahi, wahoo, barracuda, kingfish, sailboat, blue and white marlin.

As for me, the best deep sea fishing punta Cana is during the autumn season. Especially in October and November. maybe it is because I love mahi-mahi fishing and in that month just their hot season.

Yes, you can trust deep sea fishing calendar Punta Cana, all of the calendars contain the same information, just in different illustrations. And that information depends on the experience of the years of work of many fishermen.

The location of Marina Cap Cana is closed to Marina Punta Cana which is in the area of Punta Cana airport. The area of Bavaro is located a little further. The area of Uvero Alto is located much further.


September is a really nice month for fishing in Dominican Republic. Well, it was one of the sunny Dominican mornings, we met our group of fisherman in the parking lot of the marina Punta Cana. After a short conversation, we were gone fishing. Leaving the coastline for about 2 or 3 miles we put out our outriggers and the fishing began. That day bites of the fish started just right away. We were reeling out of the water one after another mahi-mahi. By the end of 2,5 hours of fishing, we had like 8 of them. Our clients were happy as kids, it was there first deep sea fishing charter in Punta Cana Dominican Republic. So they had a nice experience and to make it even nicer we took our guests down to a beautiful uncrowded lagoon where we cooked a lunch for them on the grill so they would taste their catch.

September is a really nice month for Punta Cana deep sea fishing. Especially if the ocean is calm. It was one of those days when wind and wave conditions were just perfect. We met our fishermen and went to the Atlantic ocean for deep-sea fishing. For the first 30 minutes, it was nothing and I was looking at the horizon trying to find hunting birds to determine where the fish is. And I saw them. We tern our boat and went over there. 10 minutes later one of the reels starts to give us a signal and yes! the first Mahi is on huk. So by the end of 2,5 hours of fishing, we had 5 of them. One bull and 4 girl-Mahi. Clients were satisfied and happy so as we. We are always happy when our clients are 🙂
Fishing charters Punta Cana is one of the most popular and cool activities. Today our fishing report about family fishing charter Punta Cana. So let’s started. As usual, we had a nice sunny day and our client was with his son. It was just a perfect day for Dad and Son fishing in Punta Cana. We went out not far away only two or three miles and here the fun started. Mahi- Mahi were everywhere and we reel out around 25 or 30 of them in a first 2 hours. It was really cool but our client got tired and I could see that. So finally when we had a break our client decides that he wants to try his catch on the grill and we went down to lagoon where we cook it for him and his son. My client told to me that it was his best Punta Cana fishing trip. For me to hear such words were the best reward.

It was one of the nice sunny days in Punta Cana. We went fishing with our clients from England. It was there first deep sea fishing trip and their dream was to catch Mahi- Mahi. The weather was perfect waives and wind in normal condition. For the first 30 minutes, we were waiting and chatting about different things and then it started. One bite than another and one more. It was cool it was fun. Our new friends were happy as kids reeling out all that Mahi-Mahis from the water. After each one gets their fish they decided to taste it and we went to the lagoon where they had nice time swimming while our captain cooked their catch for them on the grill.

Hey dear friend. Today was not the best weather in the Dominican Republic but still, we had successful fishing in Punta Cana. Waives were bigger then we would like but it was not a big problem for our catch. So let me start from the beginning. Our new friend from US arrived at the marina Punta Cana just on time. Elena gave him a short briefing and they went to the ocean. After the first 30 minutes, it was the first bite and nice Wahoo, actually, it is not a Wahoo season in Sep. but we had a Wahoo and a nice size one!!! 20 minutes after another bite! That time it was our beautiful Mahi-Mahi girl fish. Ian, our client, he was so excited while he was reeling out the fish. I saw that he is getting tired little by little, but it is fishing. I would say even more it is deep sea fishing and it is a fight each time we are having a bite! So 2 fish we have on-board but the fishing is in the process so we saw the hunting birds and turned our boat right toward them, guess what? Yap! 3 bite and Ian did his best, he worked so hard to get that boy on board but that time we had a Marlin, and if you ever reel out a Marlin you know what I am about… it is a hard work to fight with the most strong fish in a planet! So Ian got him so close to the boat and then he just stopped and decided to realize him! Well, the word of our client is a rule for us! So after the Marlin bite, I offer Ian to go to the lagoon to taste Mahi and Wahoo on the grill. He never taste them and just could not deny my offer. To say that we had a good time, it is to say nothing. We had a cool time and cool fishing!

It was another perfect September fishing day. According to that only yesterday on of the medium-strength storm passed Dominican Republic today the ocean looked quite calm and we decided why should not we try))) Well tell you honestly I love to do trolling after a storm period because usually lots of hungry fish just after the reel zone waiting for you. Usually as I notice it is like that, good biting time, for about two days after the cyclone. So back to my fishing report. Today we had our clients from Puerto Rico and US so that guys they know the taste of good trolling. We went to the ocean around 7:40 am in 20 minutes we already pull our fishing rods out and baits in the water. We decided to make several experiments since it was very little seaweed in the ocean and we could try our new lures. I think I was excited more anybody about that, and it was a point to be excited about. So we put in the water our new lures and guess what? Nothing!!! I just could not believe I was expecting another result! So we were keep fishing and I kept trying and after about 30 minutes first bite on my lure!!! Nice, it was Wahoo!!! Our client was already in a fighting chair he was all prepared to reel it out of the water. 20 minutes of fighting and Wahoo onboard.
And I was keeping testing my new lures 🙂 So the lures and bates back in the water and we are targeting the new catch. Another 30 minutes and the sound of the reel! If you would imagine how I love this sound! So yes we’ve got a Mahi on the hook! Our fisherman is usually ready. He was doing his bear reeling that fish from the water and it was a good size one! And suddenly another crack of the reel! One more fish on the hook! Cool! so by the and on that spot, we got 4 nice Mahi, 3 girl fish, and one bull Mahi. After that, I offer my clients to go to the lagoon to try their catch on taste. They took my offer and we went to the relaxing part of our fishing trip.

Our first fishing in October! 1 of October and it was raining from 4 am without stopping. I was standing on the parking of Marina Punta Cana and thinking should I cancel the fishing because f the weather or should we try to go in the ocean. Reed more

18 of October. Another nice day for deep sea fishing in Punta Cana. My company for today was 3 fishermen, who decided to try trolling fishing in the ocean for the first time. They purchased a private boat charter. So we ( team of the Santa Elena Charters) as usual try to do our best and to get as much fish to that guys as possible. So the weather conditions were just perfect, small waves and a little wind. After the first 20 minutes, we put the bait in the water and our fishing began. Captain was looking for the hunting birds and taking us from one spot to another. 20 more minutes and the first biting! Nice mahi-mahi was on the hook and our client reeled it out of the water! 15 minutes later another one, that time we had a huge barracuda! then was a little break and we start to look for the seaweed. In about 30 minutes the fun began! Tree or for fishing roods worked all together. We finally found a flock of mahi-mahi. So we have got 4 or 5 of them. After that, I offered my clients to go to the beautiful lagoon to taste their catch on the grill. And they said Yes. I would of say so also if I would be in their place. So we all had lots of fun and after lagoon all happy return to the coast.

Fishing October report from Punta Cana. Today is on the 24 of October. Not too sunny but no rain and that is already good. reed more

Today is 27 of Octobre and I guess it’s our last fishing day in that month since tomorrow we are expecting the rise of the waves. But today we are on the water and the weather conditions are still good. Our guest today from Ukraine and Russia. We have a shared group so we will see how our clients will feel themselves in the open water. Actually, as I notice throw the years of work with the tourists that Canadians and Americans are more resistant to deep-sea fishing than for example Russians or Latinoamericana. Well, let’s go back to the story of our deep sea fishing trip in Punta Cana and to be exact in Mona Channel. Today on our boat was 5 men and one very brave woman. We went to the ocean and as usual, in 20 minutes we were already pulling our lines with the paint into the water. Since I love testing new lures I took one new with me. I was thinking that it will be good for barracuda or wahoo. When I was putting my lure on a line into the water I looked at the first mate and saw how he was smiling. “What?” – I asked him. ” That lure will not work here the fish here bites only on ballyhoo”- he said. And since I am an Aries I need to test to take it, so I answered him “we’ll see”. And guess what 3 or 5 minutes and here is a bite! on my fishing rod! Wahoo and a good size Wahoo! First fisherman in the fighting chair reeling his Wahoo out of the water. And then suddenly 2 more fishing rods work out. I put fishing belts on two more fishermen and they are ready to feel their fish from the water. I saw two green dots in the water and understood we just walked across the flock of Mahi-Mahi. So first hour passed and to my surprise two of our fishermen got seasick they asked to stop the fishing and to go to the second part of our excursion to be exactly to the lagoon. So we did as they asked and took our client to the queue lagoon with the crystal clear water. They were snorkeling and swimming and enjoying all the beauty of the surrounding nature. When the captain finished cooking the fish on the grill. We invited our guests to taste it and after we took them back to the coat.

Today, my report is about a very strange day of Dominican fishing in Punta Cana. I always told everyone that November is my favorite fishing month in the Dominican Republic. I attributed this to the fact that, in my opinion, and according to various sources, it is precisely in the autumn that Mahi Mahi spawns, and it is in the autumn that there are a lot of them. In general, back to my story. The weather conditions on this day were just perfect, not a big wave and not a big wind, all that is needed for good fishing. Read more.

Today’s report about family Punta Cana Fishing. In one of the November days, I was visited by one very nice family of grandparents and their grandsons. We went fishing and then snorkeling, had a good time, full version of the report please reed here.

Today’s post will be about deep sea fishing in Punta Cana in the first month of winter. December is also a nice month for fishing in the Dominican Republic. During that month we love to do Wahoo fishing and in today’s report, I will tell you how the Wahoo that we caught was bitten by a shark. Read more

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