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Dear visitors welcome to Punta Cana or La Romana! Fishing in these two places are one of the most exciting activities especially with the team of Santa Elena Fishing Charters!

Professional anglers, those who just like to try themselves in fishing or who want to chill on the boat, all of you are in the right place!!!

As you all may know the Dominican Republic is an insanely beautiful island and a perfect place for deep-sea fishing. From the Punta Cana side of the island in crystal clear blue waters of Atlantic Ocean we target such species as Blue and White Marlin, Wahoo, Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, and from the side of the La Romana in the waters of the Caribbean Sea we target such species like Snapper, Grouper, Angelfish, Durgon fish, Butterflyfish and many others.
This island truly should be called Fishing Paradise

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Deep Drop Bottom Fishing

One of the boats is parking in the marina La Romana. We use this boat for the deep drop bottom fishing. Targeting such species as grouper, snapper, amberjack, butterflyfish, etc. The boat is 56' long, very comfortable for big companies as well as for families. All decorated in the pirate style. This boat got comfortable couches for the lady's chill time and all the necessary equipment for fun fishing time. 

Deep Sea Trolling Fishing

Other our boat St. Elena 42’long is parking in the marina Punta Cana. St. Elena boat is 42’long. Its got all nesesary equipment for the trolling deep-sea fishing trips (rods OKIAYA, reels SHIMANO and different tackle) The maximum capacity for the fishing trip is 7 people. Boat got comfortable couches on the flibridge, its been well mantained, clean and in a good condition. 

Party Boat

 What vacay on Island can be without the trip on the boat? We offer your attention an amazing journey to the private lagoon of Punta Cana. Sea shels, sea stars, turtles, stingrays and even manatee you may see on our way or in the lagoon. Crystal clear water, beautiful music, hot grilled lunch, Dominican Ron, nice and friendly crew - all that you will have if you will decide to spend one day in the paradise in our company.



September is a really nice month for fishing in the Dominican Republic. Well, it was one of the sunny Dominican mornings, we met our group of fisherman in the parking lot of the marina Punta Cana. After a short conversation, we were gone fishing. Leaving the coastline for about 2 or 3 miles we put out our outriggers and the fishing began.

Biting Starts

That day bites of the fish started just right away. We were reeling out of the water one after another mahi-mahi. By the end of 2,5 hours of fishing, we had like 8 of them. Our clients were happy as kids, it was there first deep sea fishing charter in Punta Cana Dominican Republic. So they had a nice experience and to make it even nicer we took our guests down to a beautiful uncrowded lagoon where we cooked lunch for them on the grill so they would taste their catch.

Deep sea fishing in Punta Cana REPORT sept. 2019

September is a really nice month for Punta Cana deep sea fishing. Especially if the ocean is calm. It was one of those days when wind and wave conditions were just perfect. We met our fishermen and went to the Atlantic ocean for deep-sea fishing. For the first 30 minutes, it was nothing and I was looking at the horizon trying to find hunting birds to determine where the fish is. And I saw them. We tern our boat and went over there. 10 minutes later one of the reels starts to give us a signal and yes! the first Mahi is on huk. So by the end of 2,5 hours of fishing, we had 5 of them. One bull and 4 girl-Mahi. Clients were satisfied and happy so as we. We are always happy when our clients are 🙂

FISHING Charter in PUNTA CANA REPORT sept. 2019

Fishing charters Punta Cana is one of the most popular and cool activities. Today our fishing report about family fishing charter Punta Cana. So let’s started. As usual, we had a nice sunny day and our client was with his son. It was just a perfect day for Dad and Son fishing in Punta Cana.

Biting Starts

We went out not far away only two or three miles and here the fun started. Mahi- Mahi were everywhere and we reel out around 25 or 30 of them in a first 2 hours. It was really cool but our client got tired and I could see that. So finally when we had a break our client decides that he wants to try his catch on the grill and we went down to lagoon where we cook it for him and his son. My client told to me that it was his best Punta Cana fishing trip. For me to hear such words were the best reward.


It was one of the nice sunny days in Punta Cana. We went fishing with our clients from England. It was there first deep sea fishing trip and their dream was to catch Mahi- Mahi. The weather was perfect waives and wind in normal condition. For the first 30 minutes, we were waiting and chatting about different things and then it started. One bite than another and one more. It was cool it was fun. Our new friends were happy as kids reeling out all that Mahi-Mahis from the water. After each one gets their fish they decided to taste it and we went to the lagoon where they had nice time swimming while our captain cooked their catch for them on the grill.


Hey dear friend. Today was not the best weather in the Dominican Republic but still, we had successful fishing in Punta Cana. Waives were bigger then we would like but it was not a big problem for our catch. So let me start from the beginning. Our new friend from US arrived at the marina Punta Cana just on time. Elena gave him a short briefing and they went to the ocean. After the first 30 minutes, it was the first bite and nice Wahoo, actually, it is not a Wahoo season in Sep. but we had a Wahoo and a nice size one!!! 20 minutes after another bite! That time it was our beautiful Mahi-Mahi girl fish. Ian, our client, he was so excited while he was reeling out the fish. I saw that he is getting tired little by little, but it is fishing.

Fishing in Punta Cana 

I would say even more it is deep sea fishing and it is a fight each time we are having a bite! So 2 fish we have on-board but the fishing is in the process so we saw the hunting birds and turned our boat right toward them, guess what? Yap! 3 bite and Ian did his best, he worked so hard to get that boy on board but that time we had a Marlin, and if you ever reel out a Marlin you know what I am about… it is a hard work to fight with the most strong fish in a planet!

Let him go

So Ian got him so close to the boat and then he just stopped and decided to let him go! Well, the word of our client is a rule for us! So after the Marlin bite, I offer Ian to go to the lagoon to taste Mahi and Wahoo on the grill. He never tastes them and just could not deny my offer. To say that we had a good time, it is to say nothing. We had a cool time and cool fishing!


It was another perfect September fishing day. According to that only yesterday on of the medium-strength storm passed Dominican Republic today the ocean looked quite calm and we decided why should not we try))) Well tell you honestly I love to do trolling after a storm period because usually lots of hungry fish just after the reel zone waiting for you. Usually as I notice it is like that, good biting time, for about two days after the cyclone. So back to my fishing report. Today we had our clients from Puerto Rico and US so that guys they know the taste of good trolling. We went to the ocean around 7:40 am in 20 minutes we already pull our fishing rods out and baits in the water.

Fishing experiments

We decided to make several experiments since it was very little seaweed in the ocean and we could try our new lures. I think I was excited more anybody about that, and it was a point to be excited about. So we put in the water our new lures and guess what? Nothing!!! I just could not believe I was expecting another result! So we were keep fishing and I kept trying and after about 30 minutes first bite on my lure!!! Nice, it was Wahoo!!! Our client was already in a fighting chair he was all prepared to reel it out of the water. 20 minutes of fighting and Wahoo onboard.


And I was keeping testing my new lures 🙂 So the lures and bates back in the water and we are targeting the new catch. Another 30 minutes and the sound of the reel! If you would imagine how I love this sound! So yes we’ve got a Mahi on the hook! Our fisherman is usually ready. He was doing his bear reeling that fish from the water and it was a good size one! And suddenly another crack of the reel! One more fish on the hook! Cool! so by the and on that spot, we got 4 nice Mahi, 3 girl fish, and one bull Mahi. After that, I offer my clients to go to the lagoon to try their catch on taste. They took my offer and we went to the relaxing part of our fishing trip.


Our first fishing in October! 1 of October and it was raining from 4 am without stopping. I was standing on the parking of Marina Punta Cana and thinking should I cancel the fishing because f the weather or should we try to go in the ocean. Reed more


18 of October. Another nice day for deep sea fishing in Punta Cana. My company for today was 3 fishermen, who decided to try trolling fishing in the ocean for the first time. They purchased a private boat charter. So we ( team of the Santa Elena Charters) as usual try to do our best and to get as much fish to that guys as possible. So the weather conditions were just perfect, small waves and a little wind. After the first 20 minutes, we put the bait in the water and our fishing began. Captain was looking for the hunting birds and taking us from one spot to another.

First Bite

20 more minutes and the first biting! Nice mahi-mahi was on the hook and our client reeled it out of the water! 15 minutes later another one, that time we had a huge barracuda! then was a little break and we start to look for the seaweed. In about 30 minutes the fun began! Tree or for fishing roods worked all together. We finally found a flock of mahi-mahi. So we have got 4 or 5 of them. After that, I offered my clients to go to the beautiful lagoon to taste their catch on the grill. And they said Yes. I would of say so also if I would be in their place. So we all had lots of fun and after lagoon all happy return to the coast.


Fishing October report from Punta Cana. Today is on the 24 of October. Not too sunny but no rain and that is already good. reed more


Today is 27 of October and I guess it’s our last fishing day in that month since tomorrow we are expecting the rise of the waves. But today we are on the water and the weather conditions are still good. Our guests today from Ukraine and Russia. We have a shared group so we will see how our clients will feel themselves in the open water. Actually, as I notice throw the years of work with the tourists that Canadians and Americans are more resistant to deep-sea fishing than for example Russians or Latinoamericana. Well, let’s go back to the story of our deep sea fishing trip in Punta Cana and to be exact in Mona Channel.

Fishing in Punta Cana

Today on our boat was 5 men and one very brave woman. We went to the ocean and as usual, in 20 minutes we were already pulling our lines with the paint into the water. Since I love testing new lures I took one new with me. I was thinking that it will be good for barracuda or wahoo. When I was putting my lure on a line into the water I looked at the first mate and saw how he was smiling. “What?” – I asked him. ” That lure will not work here the fish here bites only on ballyhoo”- he said.

Testing Lures

And since I am an Aries I need to test to take it, so I answered him “we’ll see”. And guess what 3 or 5 minutes and here is a bite! on my fishing rod! Wahoo and a good size Wahoo! First fisherman in the fighting chair reeling his Wahoo out of the water. And then suddenly 2 more fishing rods work out. I put fishing belts on two more fishermen and they are ready to feel their fish from the water.

Fishing in Punta Cana

I saw two green dots in the water and understood we just walked across the flock of Mahi-Mahi. So first hour passed and to my surprise two of our fishermen got seasick they asked to stop the fishing and to go to the second part of our excursion to be exactly to the lagoon. So we did as they asked and took our client to the queue lagoon with the crystal clear water. They were snorkeling and swimming and enjoying all the beauty of the surrounding nature. When the captain finished cooking the fish on the grill. We invited our guests to taste it and after we took them back to the coat.

Dominican FISHING in PUNTA CANA REPORT nov. 2019

Today, my report is about a very strange day of Dominican fishing in Punta Cana. I always told everyone that November is my favorite fishing month in the Dominican Republic. I attributed this to the fact that, in my opinion, and according to various sources, it is precisely in the autumn that Mahi Mahi spawns, and it is in the autumn that there are a lot of them. In general, back to my story. The weather conditions on this day were just perfect, not a big wave and not a big wind, all that is needed for good fishing. Read more.

Punta Cana Fishing Report. Family Fishing in Punta Cana. November 2019.

Today’s report about family Punta Cana Fishing. In one of the November days, I was visited by one very nice family of grandparents and their grandsons. We went fishing and then snorkeling, had a good time, full version of the report please reed here.

Best fishing punta cana report 12/2019

Today’s report about not comfortable weather conditions and a quite good catch in the water areas of Punta Cana. It was a good day full of fishing moments but it was a bit difficult for our guests due to the quite ruff ocean. I can say it was a day under the name “Best fishing Punta Cana” because this catch was really nice. But still, the weather conditions were not good. Good what is ends well!:) And by the end, we won!

Private Fishing Punta Cana report 12/2019

Today my report about Private Fishing Punta Cana with two really knowledgeable anglers from Michigan. We did four hours deep-sea fishing in the Punta Cana water area and caught Tuna, Wahoo and several barracudas. The ocean conditions were not way too good but our guests handled that easily. Reed more over here.

Deep Sea Fishing Punta Cana, Fishing report Dec 2019

Today’s post will be about deep sea fishing in Punta Cana in the first month of winter. December is also a nice month for fishing in the Dominican Republic. During that month we love to do Wahoo  and Dorado fishing and in today’s report, I will tell you about our pretty much last fishing in Punta Cana trip in that year. Reed more.

Dominican Republic Private Fishing report 12/2019

Today’s fishing report will be about Dominican republic private fishing and it is almost last fishing in the 2019 year. We had a nice family and we had a good catch as well as a good time. The next report about deep-sea fishing in Punta Cana will be only at the beginning of the next year. So I hope you will enjoy reading and see you on the water. Reed more.

Today is the 1 of January and we are going on our first in that year deep-sea fishing. Our clients are experienced anglers and the Big game Punta Cana Fishing should begin. Reed more  how the first day of the year brought giant mahi-mahi for us

Punta Cana Inshore Fishing report 2020

One of the January fishing trips on Punta Cana. We had a nice weather conditions and nice catch. Deep sea fishing as usual was interesting and exiting. Enjoy reading and see you on the water. 

Today is March 25th and we, as usual, set off for deep sea fishing in Pune Cana. The weather is excellent today, the wind and waves are normal. Today our guests are from Ukraine and they are experienced fishermen. We are aimed at big fish, but let’s see what brings us today. Fishing is always a lottery and no one ever knows what lies ahead. But we prepared gear for Marlin or Sailfish and today we will try to catch this particular type of fish for our guests. You can read the continuation of our report on the story page on our website.

Fishing report about one great day of fishing

The first summer after a complete lockdown of the pandemic. Our clients traveled with their children and decided to try family deep-sea fishing in Punta Cana. Place of fishing – Atlantic Ocean. Family fishing is one of our favorite types of charters and a very popular activity in Punta Cana.

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