Fishing trips

Fishing Trips

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Fishing trips is a fascinating activity, an interesting hobby, and a pleasant time spending in nature. It is summer and winter, freshwater and saltwater, for it a variety of gear and fishing methods can be used.

There are several types of fishing trips, but in the first place, the methods and techniques used depend on which fish you plan to catch. So there are types of fishing for peaceful or predatory fish.

Types of fishing for peaceful fish

Peaceful fish include those species that feed on plant foods and small invertebrates (insects, larvae, worms, mollusks). These species of fish live in rivers, lakes, ponds and is an interesting object of fishing. The following types of fishing for peaceful fish can be distinguished:

• fishing with a fishing rod;

• feeder rod;

• on the bottom tackle.

Fishing rod

The very first of all fishing methods came up with a fishing method. Until now, this species remains the most popular among beginner fishermen. This is due to the simplicity of the gear used and the ease of mastering the fishing technique. A distinctive feature of the method is the use of a float in a snap, which is a bite signaling device. Fishing with a fishing rod can be carried out both from the shore and from a boat. This type of fishing can be used for summer and winter fishing (through a hole in the ice), only the device gear is different. The method allows you to successfully fish any peaceful fish in rivers and lakes: carp, bream, scavenger, rudd, and others. Such a fishing rod is universal, therefore, with the right bait, you can catch a predator.

Bottom tackle

The bottom tackle is used to catch large specimens of bottom fish. A distinctive feature is a location of the hook (or hooks) with the bait at the bottom. The equipment is immersed in water under the weight of the attached weights. When the water is calm, the weight of the sinker may be small, and the preferred shape is convex. In reservoirs with a strong current, heavier loads of a flat shape are used.


The feeder rod also refers to bottom gear. This name comes from the English word “feed” – “feed.” A feature of fishing on the feeder is the use of a special bait placed in the feeder (in the form of a cage). At the first few casts, the contents of the feeder crumble and form a stain of food. The density of the mixture that attracts fish depends on the strength of the flow, that is, with a strong current, the bait should be more viscous, for this you can add earth and clay to it. All the following casts of bait are carried out in the same place where the attracted fish bites more actively. Using this type of fishing, you can fish carp, crucian carp, silver bream, bream, and other fish that feed on the bottom.

Fishing trips predatory fish

Predatory fish prefers fast-moving bait, this determines its fishing methods. So among the types of fishing predator distinguish:

• spinning;

• jig;

• fly fishing;

• trolling;

• Catch on a zerglitsa

• to the circle;

• on fishing “gum”.

Spinning fishing trips

Spinning is one of the most fascinating and active types of fishing. The essence of the method is to cast the bait far away and quickly conduct it in water by twisting the fishing line onto a reel. For this type of fishing, special spinning gear is used, equipped with a multiplier or inertialess reel. A wide variety of lures (natural and artificial), suitable for spinning, allows you to catch different types of fish:

• freshwater: pike, zander, perch, asp;

• marine: salmon, cod, mackerel, horse mackerel, and other predators.

If you decide to buy a spinning rod, then pay attention to Salmo spinning rods – excellent price/quality ratio.


Jigging is carried out with the same gear as spinning fishing. The difference is in the technique: reeling in the jig line is carried out with periodic pauses, during which the bait slows down or even sinks to the bottom. So the movement of a twister or wobbler acquires zigzag movements with stops and jerks. The bait will not go unnoticed if there is a predator nearby. Jig-fishing allows you to catch almost all predatory fish.

Fly fishing trips

Fly fishing trips – fishing methods, which appeared as entertainment for aristocrats and nobles, and has become very popular throughout the world. A distinctive feature of the method is that fishing is carried out on the surface of the water, therefore, neither sinkers nor afloat is used for the tackle. The artificial fly, which imitates an insect falling into the water, acts as bait. In fly fishing, a special casting technique is used: with the help of special swinging movements of the rod, the required cord speed is achieved. This is due to the fact that the bait for this fishing method is too light, so casting is carried out due to the weight of the cord itself.


The sbirulino method, also called the bombard, combines the features of spinning and fly fishing. Almost the same tackle is used for it as for spinning, but the rod should be lighter and have a slow system. As a bait, a light fly is used. A characteristic feature of the method is a special heavy bombard float (the second name of the fishing method came from it). Thanks to the float, long-distance casting of the bait is carried out as in a spinning rod. Sbirulino allows you to catch cautious fish: trout, asp, chub.

Trolling trips is a fishing method that is used in Punta Cana to capture ocean trophy fish.

Trolling trips is fishing from a moving boat (motorboat or boat). The tackle for this type of fishing must be very durable, it is necessary that it can withstand the sharp jerks of strong fish. Trolling rods are made of strong carbon composite or fiberglass materials, equipped with powerful multiplier reels and a strong braided cord. Such tackle is installed at the stern of the boat with the help of special holders. Trolling is used for fishing freshwater and marine predators: pike, catfish, pikeperch, trout, tuna, marlin. If fishing is used not a motorboat, but a rowing boat, then the method is called “catching on the track.” Everything you need for trolling can be selected in the online fishing store, please note that most of them have a payment option upon receipt.


Fishing for zerlitsa is a passive type of fishing for predatory fish, perfect for both winter and summer fishing. For this method, special equipment is made – a zharlitsa-rogulin and the bait is live bait (small crucian carp, roach, bleak, or gudgeon). The predator, grabbing live bait, first unwinds the fishing line from the roasting, and then he hooks himself on a hook, without the help of a fisherman. A fisherman can only pull the catch ashore. With the help of a lantern, the pike is well caught, especially at night.

Circle fishing

A circle is a type of zerglyanka, but this type of fishing requires more attention from the fisherman and timely cutting. This is a moving fishing tackle in which the main part of the structure is a foam, cork, or wood disk. The fisherman needs to follow the bites, waiting for the predator to flip the circle. Such fishing is carried out only from a boat in a pond with calm water or slow current. The method allows you to catch zander, perch, pike, sometimes burbot, or catfish.

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