Gone Fishing with St. Elena Fishing Charters in Punta Cana

GONE FISHING in Punta Cana

No Booking Prepayment

Option of the stop in the lagoon

Grilling the catch on the boat

Free fishing foto session 

Transportation included

No hidden fees

Gone fishing in punta cana

Hey dear friend. Today we gone fishing in Punta Cana and it was a fabulous 2 hours of Mahi Fishing. Let me start my report from the beginning. August 2021, ocean conditions a bit rough but still good for fishing. I was standing on the parking lot of the marina Punta Cana. Transportation arrived just on time and a young couple came out. They were really nice people and it was first deep sea fishing for the girl and the guy was quite avid fisherman. So we went to the boat.

20 minutes after we were gone fishing in Punta Cana we had a first bite and it was a beautiful mahi. The fish was not too big so I suggested that the lady’s should go to reel the first fish. But suddenly another bite and they already reeling both. Fighting with this two mahi was not way too hard and guys did it in about 10 minutes.

Suddenly Cap changed our route, he saw a hugest patch of the seaweed and we went there. And we did it right! As soon as we got closer we had a strong bite, something huge was on the hook!!! And it was a big Mahi Bull!!! He tried to free himself by jumping in to the air but no luck; he was hooking himself even stronger!!! But it was such a beautiful vies to see how he was jumping so high in to the air and diving back to the ocean! 25 minutes later the fish was near the boat and we hooked it up.

coming back

We were so busy fishing that we forgot about time and when we looked at the clock we understood that we have to go back otherwise guys will not have time to enjoy the lagoon and grilled catch! But another bite and one more!!! Ok lagoon can wait we have to reel that babies out of the water, So we did! After that we went to the lagoon, on our way we had 2 more bites and it was cudas.

lagoon time

After we got inside of the reef zone guys had one of the most long fishing photo session but they truly enjoyed it. In the lagoon they went to snorkel while we prepared the fresh grilled mahi for them!!! After the trip they told me that it was the best and such words is the best reward for us!

I can't thank Elena and her crew for this amazing experience! Best day of fishing I've ever had! If you are an angler you will not be disappointed. She and her crew are very professional and organized. Fishing always takes some good luck but also skill and knowledge of the waters you fish, which this crew has. Definitely have them cook what you catch for lunch. Unforgettable day on the water. Do yourself a favor and book with her.
John Doe

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