Punta Cana Fish calendar

Hi we are glad to welcome you on our Punta Cana fishing calendar page.
Do you like deep sea fishing? You are planning to visit Punta Cana? Then we have a tip for you! Plan fishing based on our Deep-sea Fishing Calendar or on any other fishing calendar.

                Why? you will ask

First of all, because it works! We created Punta Cana Fishing calendar based on our experience, seasons, average water and air temperature.
But I want to warn you right away. This calendar is common in contrast each fishing trip is individual. Unfortunately, we cannot take into account such factors as pressure change or weather conditions. But we can tell you everything about them.


So what is not taken into account in our calendar?

We want to answer this question in more detail! Certainly factors such as barometric pressure, wind, phase of the moon. All of them greatly affect the biting of the fish and are not counted in our Punta Cana Fishing calendar. Let’s take a look at each of these factors separately.

Biometric pressure, what is it and how does it affect fish during deep sea fishing?

Well, let’s start by understanding what biometric pressure is? This is air pressure is atmospheric pressure.
For instance, the best bite can be observed in conditions where the atmospheric pressure is stable for several days or even weeks. Most importantly to say that Increased atmospheric pressure also has a positive effect on a fish bite. But on condition of its stability and duration.
In contrast, pressure drop, as well as low pressure, are considered the worst conditions for fishing. Although not all species of fish equally react to such changes. Increased pressure has a positive effect on the “small fish”. Such as flying fish, which moves to the upper layers of the water in search of food.


Let’s look at the second factor. How does the moon affect fish during deep sea fishing?

For instance, many people have already noticed that the views of anglers on this topic are very different. In conclusion, sometimes they are just the opposite. For example,  believe that the phases of the moon do not affect the bite. However others, on the contrary, cite as evidence long-term observations confirming the fact that the moon influences the activity of fish during deep-sea fishing. In other words, if you stand on the side of those fishermen who believe that the phases of the moon affect the bite of the fish. Then the question: “How?”
Firstly, let’s understand the phases of the moon. Let’s start with the most important, with the full moon. 



What is considered a full moon? 

Many people think that this is a period when the illuminated side of the moon is visible in a round or approximately round shape. But we see this phenomenon in 7 days! This period should be divided into 3 parts:
a growing full moon lasting three days;
full moon, which lasts about one day;
after the full moon lasts another three days.
It’s hard to determine which of the 3 stages of the visible full moon we are in. To determine the exact enough to use a calendar or internet informer, and then you can find out not only the day but also the exact time of the onset of the full moon.


 for fish this matters!

 If the moon grows or decreases, there is always a difference in the activity of the fish during deep-sea fishing. For example, in the pre-lunar period, most species of fish, as a rule, sharply lose their activity, up to the complete absence of biting, then in the post-lunar period there is often an increase in activity. However many fishermen, not distinguishing between the stages of the moon, combine these different periods into one! This is one of the reasons for the difference in opinions regarding fish biting on such “stressful” days for fish as the full moon and new moon.
These days, you can easily control the moon phases by simply clicking on the moon fishing calendar.

How the fish bite effects by the wind?

Wind from the West, fish bite the best. From the East, fish bite the least. Wind from the North, do not go forth. From the South blows bait in their mouth.

The wind is also a factor that affects the bite of the fish. I want to clarify right away that biting affects both wind direction and wind speed. All this must be taken into account in deep-sea fishing. Yes, yes, do not be surprised and do not neglect this information, because it is she who can help you in windy weather when fishing.
Let’s go in order and start with the direction of the wind. 

Direction of the wind

If you pay attention to the saying above, you realize that the fishermen are very concerned about the direction of the wind. In the course of many experiments conducted by both professionals and amateur deep-sea anglers, it was found that the best wind is the south-west! A bit worse when it is west or south. The most unfavorable from the point of view of coolness is the north and east winds, and their mixture is the northeast wind. They often spoil all deep-sea fishing.

Hope that was helpful

So guys, I briefly reviewed some of the main factors that can affect the activity of fish biting during deep-sea fishing in Punta Cana and in fact around the world. So get ready and check all the information (for example, weather forecast and moon phases) as well as our Punta Cana Fishing calendar before you go fishing. At the same time, do not forget that fishing is rest and unity with nature, and sometimes what is written in books does not work in real life, and vice versa. The bottom line is that if you decide to go fishing, then just DO it, because you never know what it will be: victory or defeat. You can simply predict, but you can only check it on the water.


punta cana fishing calendar
Punta Cana Fishing Calendar

Yes, you can. But also you have to know that some factors are not included in the calendar such as air pressure and waiv and wind conditions of the date of your fishing trip.

Fishing Calendar is a special data such as moon stages, fish habits, water temperature conditions which are collected all together and determine in which month what species of the fish bite the most.

The best Punta Cana fishing season is all year round. Climate conditions in the Dominican Republic are so good that there are no rain seasons that is why fisherman go to the deep sea fishing all year round.

Well, the main that you need to know from the Punta Cana fishing calendar is the species that you are going to target for. The different season have different species to target.