Dear readers and guests of our site, Santa Elena Fishing Charters offers you the article PUNTA CANA FISHING CHARTERS or SHARED GROUP. What to choose? In today’s “post” I want to try to answer the main questions that most often interest our guests. Namely: the pros and cons of visiting share group fishing and buying private charter fishing. So, let’s start as usual from the beginning. Questions of today’s topic “Punta Cana fishing charters or shared group. What to choose?”

1. What to choose a personal charter or group visit?Advantages and disadvantages.

2.How to choose a fishing trip. Different ways of buying and pricing.

3. What kind of purchase options are available via the Internet.

4. What to fear and what not.

5. How to verify company information.

Firstly, I would like to focus on issues such as:

What to choose from buying a personal PUNTA CANA FISHING CHARTERS or visiting group fishing?

Advantages and disadvantages.
Let’s first deal with the terms.

Personal charter is the rental of the entire vessel for one company for the agreed route and time.

Group visit – buying a ticket for one or more people and visiting the route in a group with other people you do not know.


The advantages of visiting the excursion (Punta Cana fishing charters or any other) with the purchase of a private charter:


 You independently manage the process. For example, if you are fishing with your family and your wife get seasick, then you can always change the route and go to calmer water or interrupt the route and return back to port. Unlike visiting the same route in the share group form. Under the condition of visiting group fishing, the captain focuses on the majority of the group members, that is, on the collective decisions of the group.


 You can transfer your tour to another date by yourself. In the case of visiting group excursions, the transfer is not possible.


 Buying a personal charter is more interesting and comfortable since all the attention of the captain will be devoted only to you.


 A visit to the “Fishing” tour with small children is strongly recommended to buy personal charters.


You choose the time of departing for a fishing trip (from 6 am to 9 am). Unlike visiting the same route in the share group form. For the groups, we have fixed departing time.


The disadvantages of visiting the excursion (Punta Cana fishing charters or any other) with the purchase of a private charter:
1. A more expensive price in relation to the price of a ticket for a share group excursion.
2. The inability to meet new people.


The advantages of visiting the excursion (Punta Cana fishing charters or any other) with in the share group:
1. The price will pleasantly surprise you. For a small fee, it will be possible for you to try and feel what the ocean and deep-sea fishing are.
2. By means of buying a ticket to the group, you can find out the team personally and if you like the tour you can also buy a personal charter after.
3. Ability to meet new people.


Personally, I, of course, recommend it to everyone, if you have a possibility to buy private charters, please do it. Especially considering the fact that we always have good offers and discounts. Private Punta Cana fishing charter – it is always convenient and more comfortable.

punta cana fishing charters
punta cana fishing charters

Where can I buy a ticket for the share group or a private charter for visiting fishing trip?
In order to do that, all guests of Punta Cana have at least two ways, as they can buy excursions/trips. The first and already it can be said that the outdated way is to buy an excursion at the hotel from a representative of the company that met you at the airport. And the second way is to purchase via the Internet (here there is also an option of different purchases and we will look at it further in the text)
Advantages of purchasing excursions from a representative at the hotel:
1. You communicate with a live person (not over the phone), you can ask an opinion about the tour. In the case of your illness on the day of the tour you will be refunded all money without any deductions.
Cons purchase excursions from a representative at the hotel:
1. You pay 100% of the cost when booking.
2. The price of the service is on average 40-50% more expensive than through an online purchase. Provided the same quality of service.

Where on the Internet can I buy a private fishing charter or a ticket to a shared fishing group?
Consider this question in more detail, because there are several possible purchase options.
1. Purchase Punta Cana Fisherman Charter through Internet operators, namely through such sites as fishingbooking, wannaboat, and many others.
These sites charge you an advance payment (most often from 10 to 25 percent of the total cost) you pay the balance of the payment in cash before you go fishing. Some providers charge 100 percent of the payment.

BENEFITS of buying from internet operators: These are proven sites that value their reputation, respectively, there will be no deception on their part, and they will contact providers (fishermen) and book your charter.

MINUSES purchase from Internet operators: Always look at the history of the operator site, try to contact the provider (the company you have chosen) to get confirmation.
The price will be less than when buying from a guide at a hotel, but more expensive than buying directly from the provider (the company that manages this boat trips)

punta cana fishing charters
punta cana fishing charters
punta cana fishing charters
deep sea fishing
punta cana fishing charters
Purchase a private Punta Cana Fishing Charter from the provider directly. 

Purchase from the company that owned the boat and responsible for doing the excursion.


1. You get the opportunity to contact in advance directly with the company whose boat/type of excursion you liked especially.
2. You can check all the information about the work of this company, before your arrival/booking of the excursion. The most important information that may be of interest:

Reviews (most often reviews can be found on Google Map or Tripadvisor or the company’s website)

Licenses and other permissive documents most often you can find on the company’s website or request further from a representative, if necessary.


3.Prepay. Most providers, unlike operators, do not ask to make a full payment for the excursion, most often it is a symbolic payment from 50-100 dollars. The provider takes this payment in case if you do not appear at the specified place at the specified time. For any provider, the most important thing is that the excursion (fishing) takes place and goes perfectly well. The main task of any provider is to make the guests/tourists satisfied, and in case of a repeat visit, they turned to that provider with whom they already went on this excursion/fishing.

How can I check if it is a reliable provider? What

should you look at?

1. Reviews – this is the most important thing to pay
attention to.

2. The presence of boats (one, two, five) – for me this is
not a significant factor. Moreover, based on my observations, I can say that the
more boats in the company, the worse the service becomes. I associate this only
with the fact that when there are one or two boats in a company, the managers
fight for each client and try to provide the best service always without
exception. When there are more than two boats, the quality ceases to become the
main factor. The number of people/clients becomes the main, and how much the
client is satisfied is not so important more.

 My advice
to you: if you want to find a good service at a good price, turn your attention
to small boat companies.

What you need to remember when you making a booking
Punta Cana Fishing Charters

1. Before placing an order (personal charter/group visit),
find out if there will be a company representative on the boat who knows your
language. This is especially important if you buy a ticket for the shared

2. Ask to send you a “list of what you need to remember” –
this is a list of what you need to take with you on a fishing trip, what is
best to eat on the eve before the fishing, what tablets you should take with
you and other useful tips. This is worth doing after placing the order.

Hope my article was helpful for you. And I am glad to offer
you to check our fishing trips as well as relax trips.