snorkeling in punta cana

Dear friends, today the theme of my post is Snorkeling in
Punta Cana. Many times, I heard questions from our fisherman tourists, who were
interested in whether or not snorkeling is good in Punta Cana. Each time
sharing my experience, I decided to write a post on that topic. Firstly, I did
a little Google search. It was actually very interesting to read the opinions
and experience of other people who are living here and fond of snorkeling as
well as guests of Punta Kan who try snorkeling in different places and with the
different companies. Secondly putting it all together including my personal
experience and we’ll see what we will have at the end. Hope this post will be
useful and interesting to read for all our guests. So… shall we begin? Today
I will answer 5 questions and give you 5 hacks or tips (depending on you how
you prefer to call it) that I hope will be useful to you!

First and the Main Question. Is Punta Cana good to do
snorkeling? Here I will tell you all the truth! And even more, you will see the
video and description of the species of fish that you can meet under the water.

Second Question. What to choose: Punta Cana Catamaran
Snorkeling Excursions or Boat Punta Cana Snorkeling Excursions? Advantages and
disadvantages of both.

Third Question. What’s better to purchase a ticket in the
shared group or a charter?

Fourth Question. Can snorkeling in Punta Cana be dangerous?
or What fish you should not try to touch!

Fifth Question. What to expect from snorkeling Punta Cana?

What snorkeling is?

Let’s first understand what snorkeling is. Snorkeling is one
of the types of freediving, but at the same time snorkeling does not require
expensive equipment, only a mask, and snorkel. During snorkeling a person does not dive very deep up to a maximum of 5 meters, most often a person swims closer to the surface of the water.

Is Punta Cana good to do snorkeling?

Punta Cana is one of the largest resorts in the Dominican Republic. On 40 kilometers of the coastline are dozens of hotels. But only 10 kilometers is protected by a reef rock that runs 500 meters from the coastline.
As all lovers of snorkeling know, the accumulation of fish occurs near the reef zone and it is there that the best snorkeling. Having done a little Google search and looked at the map, I determined that the reef rock begins opposite the Punta Cana Club Met resort and ends in front of the city of millionaires Cap Cana. So, whether snorkeling is good here or not, let’s see. Near the reefs, you can see the following fish species.

Dr Fish

Sergeant major certainly is a fish that lives in tropical waters near reefs. Mostly the color of the fish is gray in a bright yellow stripe. Lives in flocks reach a maximum size of up to 9 inches. Not dangerous.

Pterois or lionfish. Mostly a very beautiful fish that has a bright orange color and not the usual long fins. The habitat is tropical waters and reef zones. Lives in flocks reach a maximum length of 17 inches. Not suitable for human consumption. Dangerous.

Var jack is a gray reef fish with one transverse yellow stripe on its side. Above all it reaches the size of 25 inches. Lives in flocks feed on plankton and algae. Suitable for human consumption. Not dangerous.

Porcupinefish or blowfish is certainly a very interesting fish. It lives in the reef zone in tropical and subtropical waters. Importantly that this fish when it feels danger is inflated with air like a balloon and becomes prickly. These spines help the fish to be saved from reef hunters such as barracuda. Dangerous.

Smooth trunkfish is a reef fish with a most  interesting shape. The body shape of this fish resembles a triangle. She has a real triangular shell instead of skin. Color of the fish is also not ordinary. Firstly the color of the shell is dark in a white spot. Secondly the color of the fins is yellow. The most unusual thing about this fish is its mouth because this fish has large lips. Danger.

Chrysiptera parasema is certainly one of the most beautiful reef fish in its color. Deep blue body color turning into bright yellow closer to the tail. It lives in the reef zone near the reef, lives in flocks, eats algae.

snorkeling in punta cana
snorkeling in punta cana
deep sea fishing

Back to snorkeling in Punta Cana 😊

Of course, this is not all types of fish. During snorkeling,
you will be able to meet much more species. So back to our question – is it
good snorkeling in the Punta Cana? to clarify that i would say Yes, if it is snorkeling near a reef zone, and especially if the captain knows the “special places”, namely these are the fault points in the rock. Exactly there the largest accumulation of underwater life. By the way, dear friends, if you are looking for good snorkeling in Punta Cana, then I have one friend who makes individual tours for lovers of snorkeling. And the coolest part is that he can also make a video of you underwater, these are truly unforgettable vivid memories for life.

What to choose: Punta Cana Catamaran Snorkeling Excursions or Boat Punta Cana Snorkeling Excursions?

Well, dear friends, let’s first consider visiting snorkeling
trips on a catamaran and a boat in a group.

Pros of snorkeling from a boat.

Always smaller groups.

Individual approach.

Pros of snorkeling with a catamaran.

The cheapest price of all the options offered snorkeling
Punta Cana.

Consider buying a catamaran charter or snorkeling boat. In
this case there is several pluses.

* Individual attitude.

* Ability to choose a place for snorkeling.

* Free space.

snorkeling in punta cana

What’s better to purchase a ticket in the shared group or a charter?

In order to answer this question, I’ll draw up two tables of advantages and disadvantages. For you importantly to do what is more suitable for you if you choose a snorkeling tours in Punta Cana

Advantages of shared group visits:

1. The price is always much lower than a charter price.
2. If you do not like snorkeling at the place of the excursion, you will not be so offended for the amount of money spent.
3. Always new acquaintances and new friends with whom you will meet during the snorkeling tours in Punta Cana.
4. Fun animation program.

Disadvantages of group visits:

1. You cannot stop the excursion earlier than the specified time.
2. If you want to change the place for snorkeling – you cannot do that.
3. To clarify if there are factors you will not like. They will not be changed at your request.

Advantages of buying a snorkeling charter in Punta Cana:

1. Certainly you lead the whole process and the captain is guided by your wishes.
2. If you did not like the place for snorkeling, you can change it. Each captain knows from one to five to ten places.
3. Above all if something does not suit you (loud music), upon your request, everything will be eliminated.
4. That is to say by your request, during your trip, you may be provided with individual options that are not provided for group visits.

Disadvantages of buying a snorkeling charter in Punta Cana

1. Price. As we all understand, a charter is always more expensive than a shared group visit.

Can snorkeling in Punta Cana be dangerous? or What fish you should not try to touch!

Snorkeling is a safe form of entertainment. Nevertheless, you must remember the safety rules.
Punta Cana Snorkeling Safety Rules.
* Always wear a life jacket when snorkeling.
* You are not swimming very well, ask the captain about the underwater current (fast or not) before going down into the water. If the current is strong, ask the captain to look after you while you are in the water and do not swim far from the boat.
* Remove all gold and shiny jewelry before snorkeling.
* Try not to catch fish with your hands.
* Do not poke objects in fish.
* Prohibited to touch those fish that are pointed out as dangerous in our article
Follow all our tips and snorkeling in Punta Cana will be absolutely safe for you.

punta cana snorkeling
snorkeling in punta cana

What to expect from snorkeling Punta Cana?

As I wrote above, snorkeling in Punta Cana is good if you choose the “right” provider of this excursion. During the snorkeling excursion, you can see the following types of fish: Bermuda blue, Gray angelfish, Black triggerfish, Tigerfish ocean, French angelfish and many others. Of course, in addition to colorful fish, you will see the indescribably beautiful underwater life of the Caribbean. The bizarre reefs are home not only to fish but also to various smaller substances. Corals growing underwater resemble the fabulous towers of the underwater kingdom. Algae of different colors, swimming rays and turtles complement an unforgettable vivid experience. Snorkeling in Punta Cana will not leave anyone indifferent BUT remember! To make snorkeling truly unforgettable, choose a provider more carefully.

5 Snorkeling in Punta Cana Hacks

Firstly-Hack number one: 

very carefully choose a provider, ask all questions and find out which route you will have in detail. Compare the information you receive from your provider with information from Google search or forums.

Thirdly – Hack number tree:

 Be sure to listen to the instructor and take off all the gold and shiny jewelry that can attract the attention of underwater inhabitants.

Secondly – Hack number two:

 During snorkeling, be careful and calm, do not make sudden movements, even if something scares you.

Fourthly – Hacking number four:

 Do not try to catch and grab the fish with your hands, do not poke sticks into the holes in the rock where the fish swim, be careful and try not to touch anything just to observe the beauty of the underwater world.

Hacking number five:

 Drink more water after a dive, some
instructors advise to dissolve a slice of lemon after a dive. Remember
snorkeling is a harmless form of entertainment, but each person’s body reacts

Follow our five hacks and we guarantee your snorkeling in
Punta Cana will be excellent.