Fishing Punta Cana Charters Win or Lost

Fishing Punta Cana Charters

Win or lost

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Hello  friends! Today I will not have an ordinary post about fishing Punta Cana charters, or rather, most fishermen would not write about it! After all, it’s not a secret for anyone that everyone loves to talk only about their victories and hide defeats far and deep. But I relate to this in a different way, I think that even defeat is an experience, and besides, it’s fishing, and during fishing, everything can happen! Every fisherman will understand me! so let’s start the story, I wish you a pleasant reading and really hope that you will be interested in my report!

win or lost???

Was it our win or lost it is really hard to say. It was one November day the weather was fine as well as the condition of the ocean. You probably already know that the fishing in Punta Cana in November is usually good but that day really surprises me. It was a six hours fishing charter and took actually only 3 fish and almost took a marlin. We were searching for the first 2 hours for hunting birds and seaweed puds and it was nothing. Taking over the radio with other captains asking them if they have found any spots with fish. But there were empty also… 3 hours no one bite… I could not believe that it happening. Well if it would be January or February I would feel fine but it was November fishing in Punta Cana, and in November usually is just way too much fish over here. So let me go back to my report. Finally, we’ve got the first bite and it was a barracuda. I hoped to see Wahoo but no… again a disappointment. In about half an hour another bite and another barracuda. I guess it was a barracudas day for Dominican Fishing. But I was keeping my hope to get something more interesting then barracuda. And finally, that magick bite and I understood it is something Huge and Huge can be only Marlin over here. So our fishermans very exited they started to reel it up from the water. The fight was about 10-15 minutes we even saw how he jumped out of the water and suddenly nothing… the line was broke. My disappointment was un endless. After that, we took good size Mahi bull but still I was thinking about that marlin and that we did not reel him up. So what was that fishing win or lost you can judge… I can say only one It’s Fishing!

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