Best Fishing Punta Cana

Best Fishing Punta CAna

One wave day

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Best fishing Punta Cana report. Today’s report or fishing story will be about five fishermen and one marlin. As a person who was present in that company, I would say that Marlin almost won, but the captain and first mate helped our clients.


I stood on the pier and waited for my clients. Today the weather conditions were not very good. Waves in the ocean reached 6 feet, the wind was also strong. On the eve, I suggested that customers change the date of fishing, but they refused due to their departure. So the transfer with customers arrived and we met. Today, several men were my company. Having told them again what awaits us in the ocean, we went on a boat.
Having sail out into the ocean and passed a coastal wave, as usual, we began to straighten our outriggers and prepare the bait for launching into the water. Given the state of the ocean, today we tied our bait with additional weighting materials, we needed this for a better bite. Personally, I don’t like to fish in big waves, because the bait is often just jumping on the waves and good fishing is rarely possible, But local fisherman would not agree with me, they count that if the bait jumps on the waives it attracts the fish, like if it was flyingfish. Back to our fishing. We launched the bait into the water and waited. About 30 minutes passed, we moved a few miles from the coast and then something happened that I hoped would not happen!!! But it did((((( Three out of five men felt seasickness.


And suddenly the sound of a reel. The fishing line was exhausting at such a fast speed that I thought on the hook there was either a big Wahoo or a Marlin. Given that December is on the calendar, it could be blue Marlin. The first made a cut and we invited the fishermen who wanted to fight the Marlin. The fight was long and hard. Marlin got big and tried to free himself from the hook by all means. We several times saw him jumping out of the water trying to cut off the line, then he went deep into the water trying to free himself.
All the fishermen on the boat were already tired of fighting and asked me to cut the fishing line and take them back to the shore, but we continued to fight and about an hour later Marlin was exhausted and we were able to reel him to the side of the boat.


 By this time, all fishermen on the boat were already sick with seasickness. I invited them to take photos and at the same time, we sucked up fishing rods and brought them ashore as quickly as possible. After 30 minutes we were in the parking lot. Having come ashore, our customers felt much better, they drank not a lot of rum and began to discuss the marlin that was reeled out of the water. All men admitted that it was one of the most extreme fishing trips in their lives and that the size of Marlin surprised everyone. Having talked a little more and exchanged impressions, my guests went back to their hotels. Personally, I liked fishing, but as I said, the weather conditions were not the best. But this is fishing and you never know what it will bring to you .. victory or defeat. Today I will write our fishing in the column of our victories 🙂 

See you on the water;)

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