Mahi Mahi Fish


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Mahi Mahi Fish is a member of the Corifen family. It has an elongated, oblate body and a rounded, highbrow head. The color is bright, silver-golden-green-yellow. Scales are absent, instead of skin. A distinctive feature of mahi-mahi is a long dorsal fin, starting almost immediately behind the head and reaching the tail fin with a crescent shape. This fish can reach two meters in length and weight of 45-50 kilograms. Due to the structural features of the body, mahi-mahi is considered one of the fastest species of marine fish, with a speed of up to 60 miles per hour. It has few enemies, mainly larger predators.

mahi mahi fish dwells

The habitat of the mahi-mahi is the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. It gathers in large flocks and makes fodder and spawning migrations to the open sea. Usually in a pack one male and several females. Most of them prefer to stick to the surface layers of water. Mahi Mahi is a classic predator, distinguished by gluttony. The main food is surface and volatile fish species.

Mahi Mahi Fish value

Mahi-mahi has a rather large fishing value. The meat of this fish is rich in useful substances, minerals, and trace elements, and therefore is very much appreciated. In addition to commercial value, mahi-mahi is one of the main objects of sport fishing. There are a large number of companies around the world who organize fishing tours for this fish. They catch it on all kinds of artificial and natural baits, using the deep-sea trolling fishing method. mahi-mahi is a true fighter who resists tackle to the last, and therefore this fish is always considered a welcome trophy for the vast majority of lovers of sea fishing.

What U really need to try!!!

Anyone who at least once tried deep-sea fishing and rills Mahi-mahi out of the water will remember this adventure for life! All professional fishermen love fishing on mahi-mahi very much because it is a real challenge!

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