Dominican Republic Fishing. Last days of the Year.

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Well, 2019 is slowly but surely coming to an end and our Dominican Republic Fishing 2019 as well. Today is one of the few days of December when the ocean is calm. In the winter, this does not happen often. Today we expect guests from Australia. They found us online and ordered 6 hours of Dominican Republic fishing. 

Dominican Republic Fishing Beginning

The transfer arrived with my guests, we met and went to the boat. Dominican Republic Fishing Started. Already after 15 minutes we went beyond the reef zone and began to prepare fishing rods for fishing. We hoped to take the barracuda or Wahoo near the reef zone. Throwing the bait into the water and offering our guests drinks, we prepared to wait for the first bite.

first bite Dominican republic fishing

 10 minutes later there was the first bite and the first barracuda on board. True, the barracuda turned out to be small and we decided to let it go. Let it grow and we will come back for it later. We continued to move away from the coast, the ocean was calm and our guests were comfortable. After another 30 minutes, 3 fishing rods worked simultaneously. I replaced the captain at the helm and he went to help the fisherman and suddenly another bite. All 4 fishing rods that were on the lower deck had a fish on the hook. The guest carefully reeled each one and we put them in a special box for fish. Having unscrewed all the fish from the water, the guest went up to the deck to rest before the next bite. But his rest was short! 

Dominican republic fishing Getting hot

After 15 minutes, the next bite and another mahi-mahi! This time one but a good size. Our guest fought with this fish for about 20 minutes for a long time, the fish either jumped out of the water or went into the depths trying to free itself, but our guest was an experienced fisherman and won this fight. Having reeled the fish out of the water and throwing a fresh bait, we again prepared to wait. One of the fishing rods worked again and Barracuda and a good-sized one! And again a bite! our guest did not even have time to relax and the new fish was already on the hook. After 4 hours of fishing, in our fish box, there was about 10 Mahi-mahi. Our guest was very pleased. 

Lagoon time


His wife offered to finish fishing and go to the lagoon where they could swim and relax. The desire of our guests is the law for us! So we went to the lagoon. There we prepared grilled mahi-mahi with lemon juice. Our guests admitted to us that it was the most delicious fish that they ate in the Dominican Republic. We were very happy about this. After 6 hours we returned to the shore. Our guests were full of emotions from fishing, cooking fish and lagoon experiences. We are happy that our guests liked everything! See you on the water 🙂

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I’ve got new great experience. Elena and her team are kind and hospitable. They helped to everyone during the fishing time, I a little bit burned my skin, but got big fish, I was happy like a babe, thanks💋

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