Dominican Republic Private Fishing

Dominican Republic Private Fishing

Well, today is the last day in 2019 and our last Dominican Republic Private Fishing this year. Weather conditions are returning to normal. The wave is 4.6 feet today. Today we expect our new friends from England. They booked a 6-hour fishing charter with a stop at the Punta Cana lagoon and cooking on the grill.
The transfer arrived at the parking lot right on time; a family of three got out of the car. We met, I gave them a briefing and we went fishing.

Dominican Republic Private Fishing – Start

Going beyond the reef zone, we, as usual, put out outriggers, threw bait and prepared to wait. The ocean was still not calm. The wind changed often, and because of this, the waves rolled from all sides. In the distance we saw birds, added speed and went straight to them. Standing next to the captain, I looked at the birds and saw that they were hunting. So there is fish there, I thought to myself.

First Bites 

And suddenly two reels worked simultaneously. The first mate waited for a few seconds and then hooked. We handed the fishing rods to the fisherman and the fisherwoman and began to help them exhaust the fish. The fishermen did well, even though this was their first experience. Already after 15 minutes on board there were 2 mahi mahi good size. We congratulated our guests with their first catch and offered refreshments. The guests agreed and went up to the upper deck. We launched a new bait into the water and again began to wait. I again went up to the captain trying to find with the eyes of birds or algae where there could be a fish, but to my regret I did not see anything. Suddenly, on the radio, one of my acquaintances captains said that they took mahi, and his boat was not far from us. We headed in his direction.
And suddenly, the cracking reel again. The fisherman quickly went down and sat in a chair. The fishing rod was already in his hands and he carefully reeled, exhausting the fish. This time there was a giant on the hook. We fought with him for about 25-30 minutes. And now the fish was already on board.

Plan B

Suddenly something happened for which we were not ready. The son of our fishermen fell ill with seasickness. I invited our guests to change the route and go to the lagoon. There the boy will feel better – I knew for sure. Parents agreed and we deployed the boat and went to the lagoon. On the way back we came across a small barracuda, which we released. We try to let small fish go, let them grow up and we will come back for them later.

Relax Time

Arriving at the lagoon, we invited our guests to swim and do snorkeling. The boy took my advice and he felt much better after he swam. The captain at this time cooked one of the Mahi-Mahi on the grill, we set a table for our guests and fed them with a catch. Our guests really enjoyed Dominican Republic Private Fishing and relaxing in the lagoon and the fish we cooked!

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Loved the fishing! The catch is great! All friends were jealous of the size of fish caught 🐟🐟🐟. The largest was 25 kg. With us, it was immediately butchered and cooked. Very tasty fish caught! 😌 Dive in the natural pool! We saw large turtles appearing 🐒. Everything went perfectly πŸ‘ Thank you so much to the captain and his two assistants 😁
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