Fly FISHING PUNTA CANA! Born to swim, can fly!

Fly FISHING PUNTA CANA.Flying fish is perhaps the most mysterious and interesting type of fish. Family marine fish squads sarganoobraznyh. When you see these fish, how they jump out in flocks and fly over the water you will understand how beautiful it is just to watch them.

Types of Flying fish.

There are about 70 species of that type of fish in the world. They prefer tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. There are about 17 different species of flying fish in the Atlantic Ocean, about 40 in the Pacific and Indian. About 7 species were recorded in the Red Sea and 4 species in the Mediterranean. Back in the past, Barbados called “the land of flying fish.”
All flying fish are divided into two groups. The first group of fish that have only top bladders-wings, and the second group have two bladders-wings top and bottom, which are also spread out, but smaller in size. There are large swim bladders that are located directly under the spine of the fish.

     Fly FISHING PUNTA CANA. Flying Fish size and color

The average size is 7-12 inches, but, of course, don’t misunderstand
me, they can be different. Features of the species, no one has canceled!

The body of a fish usually shimmers with all shades
of blue, blue, gray and silver. Most often begins with the silver on the
bottom. The tail fin of this fish is also interesting. It is divided and the
lower part of the long upper.

These little wings have everything that they need. Some
species even have medium melts, which also finish in the wings, but smaller.

      Torpedo or Flying Fish

Fish can truly be called a torpedo. The water speed
is up to 35 miles per hour and from the water spreads up and then using its
wings. At this point, the fish is actively working up to 70 movements per
minute. The level above the water on which the fish can rise also different.
Usually it is not more than 4 m. Over the water, flying fish can fly up to
600-700 feet. The fish themselves are very fast for their size. In all these
cases, these fish cannot control their flight and sometimes fall in the Windstream,
and can be thrown on the deck of the ship or crash into passing boats.


     Fly FISHING PUNTA CANA. Major Flying Fish Hunters

The main hunters are such fish species are Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and many other hunter species of fish.  BUT Main hunter remains a man. Fishermen, of course, are ready to hunt  fish. They are quite difficult to catch, but the price for that fish is quite good.This fish is very trusting to the light. It is at night that the fishermen press it with underwater illumination and catch it. Commercial fishing of this fish is conducted in China and Vietnam.

      The habits and features of flying fish

Fish feeds on plankton and small living organisms.
This fish usually stays in a big flock. Fish usually throws her eggs in
the water sea wee and float trash. Species living in the ocean spawn eggs
directly into the water. The diameter of the calf 6-7 mm. Calf color is orange
and red. During this period, they are not protected the most. Juveniles differ
from more mature in their color. In young it is more vivid.

Is meat of Flying fish good taste?

Fish meat is considered a delicacy, widely used in
Japanese cuisine. Due to its nutritional value is expensive. In addition to
meat, the caviar of these fish is also appreciated. Caviar is considered a
dietary delicacy. In this regard, commercial fishing of these fish is quite
active. All these fish are caught using nets and special large nets.

   Interesting Facts! Fact one!

Of course, our nature assumes everything. And we should
learn from her people. What did the first aircraft designers? There is an
opinion that during the design of the first flying vehicles, aircraft designers
studied the flight of flying fish in order to correctly calculate the
acceleration rate of the vehicle.

Interesting Facts! Fact two!

According to one ancient Greek legend, Aphrodite, the
goddess of love, gave this fish wings and speed. These fish were like carrier
pigeons for all sailors. They brought news from loved ones.

It is also accepted that in the hands of a  fish, in
the hands of wealth and luck. If the Flying fish fell on board, fishing boat will
have a good catch. Many different superstitions, legends, and predictions

associated with this small, but truly interesting fish.

Interesting facts! Fact three!

All of them cannot breathe the air. Fish can breathe
only under water. And the most interesting! If the water is dirty or enriched
with oxygen is very minimal, then the flying fish can breathe throw all her

Our planet and nature are just endless in their uniqueness.
Such interesting species like Flying Fish is alive confirmation of that.